Abortion, Eugenics and Parenting

 The abortion debate rages on around us.  The ethical issues of life and death are potent enough to break families apart as members line up on either side of the great divide.  Neither side will budge.  Both sides feel they are protecting the core of human rights.And then, every once in a while, someone comes along who says something so completely atrocious that the bickering enemies find themselves tossed into the river together, struggling to find a way back to their noble shores.Glenn Beck found his way back masterfully, by pinning the opinion of ...more

Would you shop for baby clothes, if each purchase benefited a children’s charity?

That’s exactly what a New Brand of children’s clothing called Big Heart Baby is offering people.  The company offers unique boutique style baby and toddler clothes, and when you shop on their website, $5.00 of every item goes to a children’s charity of your choice. Available for purchase are adorable onesies, toddler t-shirts, infant hoodies, and select adult and teen apparel.  Everything is 100% cotton.  For every item, you can designate where the proceeds go, and you can choose to benefit the following causes:...more

Love Hormones

The rise and fall of hormones in women who have just given birth as they continue to interact with their infant as it grows has been well documented.  But what about those same hormones in dads?A new study, just released, shows that fathers also experience a rise in the love hormone as they interact with their child.  It also shows a correlation between the mother's hormone level and the father's.  If a woman is experiencing PPD, the father's hormone level tends to stay low as well, which may explain some of the ...more

Baby Is Sick

Toddlers cry.  A lot.  They tantrum, they yell, they toss themselves on the floor.  They have all of these emotions, and not only do they not understand the effect of emotion on a person, they don't even know what an emotion is.  On top of all of these feelings they have to learn and learn about, they also are still trying to learn language.  This is a recipe for disaster.  This is the cornerstone of the terrible twos.  Almost no parent is a bad parent to a two year old, even when they seem out of control.  Even the wisest among us cannot teach a baby...more

baby gear or, how Babies R' Us is taking over babyhood...

I spent the first several months of pregnancy with babycakes-the-first absolutely obsessed with maternity wear. “My clothes… They don’t fit?!.... I am getting fat?!..... ACK!” So I was rather late to the game when it came to baby gear. Also we were broke, husband being in law school and me back from an adventure and trying to start a consulting business....more

Moment of the Week - 7

My babies finally decide to give spoons a try!  It's amazing to me that I even have to teach them to eat!   http://parentwin.blogspot.com/2010/10/moment-of-week-7.html...more

Toddler Tricks - 7

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  As a parent, you need to keep your house in a somewhat orderly and clean fashion, and you also need to look after your toddlers at all times because as you clean the last mess they made, you can be sure they're off making the next one if they're not in your direct line of sight.Solution:  Toddlers love to help.  Talk to them excitedly about what you're going to be doing.  Let them help by holding things or putting objects away for you.  Then, give them a turn to clean. ...more

The Morning Lineup

 My toddlers know the PBS line up by heart because in this family, we wake up when the babies wake up, and that can be any time from 7 a.m....more

Bye Bye

 Toddlers love to show off their newly-learned knowledge, and as they learn to communicate, parents can use this to their advantage.  This is a trick that I'm sure will not last for long, but, right now, it's one of the easiest ways to get my toddlers to mentally let go of something.  I tell them to tell it "bye bye."Bicycles are entrancing to my babies, right now, and last week my husband and I took them to our town center where everyone had decided to ride their bike that day.  Gainesville is set up to accommodate this with bicycle racks installed every few fee...more

Babies Are More Then Just A Cute Picture

Looking at those little arms flailing about, that joyful little baby expression and those bright eyes makes my heart melt.  Literally.  It's in a puddle on the floor right now so I don't even know how I am typing this!  If this pic doesn't make you want one of these I don't know what will.  That's just the thing though.  Babies are more then just a cute picture....more