Food for Thought

One of the most startling discoveries I made upon becoming a mom is that parenting is a competitive sport in which there are no winners.  Something as simple and necessary as feeding your child is cause for judgement and snobbery from parents who do it differently. When my twins were infants, we fed them using bottles.  In public, this garnered a lot of attention.  Were we feeding them formula?  It was scandalous. The answer, for the first three months, was no.  I was pumping my heart and my breasts out daily to give nourishment to my incredibly tiny...more

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg...more

Toddler Logic

As my twins and I got ready to walk to the library, I handed them each a hat. As I handed Dulce her hat, I realized that it was slightly smaller than Natalina’s hat, but it was the only one left within arm’s reach, and I wanted to get going as soon as possible, so I put it on her head and off we went. This was a mistake.  As we started down the first stretch of road, Dulce started fiddling with her hat. It was too small for her liking. She noticed that it didn’t cover her ears, whereas Natalina’s hat did....more

Moment of the Week - 2

Dulce is going to be an executive when she grows up: Natalina is going to be a plumber: ...more

Toddler Tricks - 2

Ways to trick your baby: Problem:  We’re in the middle of potty training, and oftentimes when we need to go out, it just doesn’t make sense to go without a diaper.  But after spending all day barebottomed, I know at least my toddlers will throw a right fit about putting a diaper on, to the point where I’ve been pinning down a 27-pounder with the adrenaline strength of baby Hercules with one hand, while trying to strap a diaper on her with the other. Solution:  When we have to go somewhere now, I tell them a few minutes before that we have to pick out our diape...more

A Lesson in Leaving

It’s hot here in Florida during the summertime, but I didn’t let that stop me as I dressed in chic jeans and heels preparing to take my twin toddlers to the library for the first time. The 1.5-mile walk seemed just the right distance for a strollered stroll when we were inside our air-conditioned home. First, let me say that I only got one blister, and it didn’t show up until halfway there. Huzzah....more

Potty Palindrome

Toddlers are gross.  As parents, we tend to forget that this statement applies even to our little ones, especially if they have, thus far, avoided certain disgusting behaviors that we’ve heard others complain about.  At least, I know I do.  We say, “oh, you poor thing!”  We think, my baby would never do something so base, thank goodness.  But the joke is usually on us. Yesterday, I heard my little angels waking from their nap in the late afternoon.  I thought I had time to make a trip to the complex dumpster before rousing them completely.  I was w...more

Mall Madness

Mob Mentality: large numbers of people acting in the same ways at the same times.  Often blamed for concert riots, car burnings, tramplings, and other explosive actions for which no coherent thought process can be discerned.  It’s a phenomenon that spreads across ethnicity, location, background, and, of course, age. I brought my two-year-old twins to the mall yesterday.  It was the third time they’d ever been to a playland, and they’re beginning to feel at home in those surroundings – a result that I expected, but not one that I particularly like. ...more

Baby Fat

“The Michelin Baby” is grabbing headlines everywhere, and I can’t be the only person asking, really, news organizations?  “The Michelin Baby?” I realize that in order to get the public to read your articles and look at your photos, you need a catchy headline – something that people can easily recognize and remember.  I fail to see how that need translates into using an offensive comparison to label such a young baby.  Yes, his rolls make him look like the Michelin Man – I get it – and maybe my time on the internet has led me to become hyper-sensitive to insu...more

I Just Wanted a Girl

Growing up, everyone around me knew I would have children. Anyone could see that I loved children, even when I was a child myself. When I got pregnant for the first time, I was ecstatic! My husband, David and I were able to conceive on the first try with both of my pregnancies due to my almost obsessive research on the topic. I knew right away that I wanted to know as soon as possible whether we were team blue or team pink; I was never one of those people who wanted to be "surprised" and wait until delivery to find out the gender of my baby....more