Perfect Ways to Entertain Your 2 Week Old Baby

Whatever you put before her for the next six months or so will be new, colors, music, shapes, textures, it's all learning at this point. Her mind is still forming, her eyes are still focusing, her senses are still adjusting to being in this world......more

Controlled Crying

Before I had a baby I knew as much about "controlled crying" as I did about mining in the Amazon. To me, they both seemed unnecessary and did more damage than good. My impression of "controlled crying" was putting your child into its cot and letting your little darling cry for any given period of time until they either went to sleep or threw up, in which case you would change the sheets and start again. I had heard people say, "the first week is the worst but it gets easier once the child gets use to it"....more

Making My Baby Food: a First Step to Great Nutrition

My journey towards veganism and a healthy, sustainable, and holistic lifestyle has been a long and twisty one. The more I learn and live, the deeper I fall in love with living life cleanly for myself and my family. ...more
I really enjoyed this post, thank you.  You share my sentiments exactly.  All the websites and ...more

My Children Have All They Need, Plus Me

All they need is my connection, and my support, and they do everything else happily on their own. This post is part of BlogHer's My "I'm a Mom Moment" editorial series made possible by 7th Generation. ...more

Sexism in the 21st Century

Saturday, May 25, 2013Sexism in the 21st century....   So this post isn't autism related. I know, SHOCKER!!! Anyway, here goes........more

The powerlifting mom and dad: knowing your child’s innate strength

My only daughter was a sort of lab rat for me. Don’t get me wrong: I love her. But I was young, my head was full of theories about psycho-motor development and I was determined to break with all conservative ideas about child care. A whole new world of possibilities lay ahead and no blueprint available....more

The Part Where I Get Sad on Mother's Day

Even though Sunday was my second officially-sanctioned Mothers Day as a mom, it was effectively my first one. Last year, C was only about five weeks old on Mothers Day and I had no energy or desire to celebrate. No one was sleeping, no one was eating well, no one felt like a human. I was paying my dues in the New Baby Club and stocking up on the experiences that would make me truly relish the return of sleep. If this was motherhood, I’d take a pass on celebrating it....more

Thes Days. One More

These are the days when I want just one more minute.Of sleep.Of thought.Of writing.Of being.Just one more minute to get the words out. Complete a thought.One more minute nestled between the covers, mind wandering in a dream. One more minute of conversation before the needing and the wanting consume the quiet space. One more minute to take a deep breath before the next minute comes and I'll need the calm that one deep breath can bring.These are the days when I want just one more hour.Of play.And work....more

Why Public Changing Tables Are the Bane of Moms' Existence

You pull it down and struggle to find the changing pad from your diaper bag so that your dear sweet baby won’t have to rest her brow on the hard filthy surface of the table. Apparently the child who preceded yours took a crap directly on the table and his mom felt no need to even spit clean it. On many changing tables, you will find a little slot that is supposed to contain paper liners for you to put down, but you won’t see any in there because only Starbucks made of gold on the moon provide them. More facts....more
@Nain We usually do clothe diapers at home, but when we go out we use disposables and I also ...more