Raisins + Babies = Horror

Take me to the head mommy blogger. I have a complaint I need to voice.I feel I am owed an apology from the mommy blogger collective for something they failed to tell me. Sure, they told me that the first weeks would be hard. They told me that I should get used to the humbling experience of being essentially topless during the first months of my nursing baby’s life. They told me that I should probably document every single second of my child’s first year because it blows by so quickly. They prepared me for the horror of my child’s first fever....more
@erelyea Oh my gosh. This comment made me laugh hysterically. Thank you for that!more

Must be doing something right...

Huge sigh of relief.......more

Story of my life

I'm sure you all are not surprised, I have not had a minute to myself! I'll be back to update soon!Love,Amy...more

Ten Things No One Tells You About Having a Baby: The Five Month Edition

Continuing with my series of things that people don’t tell you about having kidsbefore you have kids {like what happens to your body after childbirth}, here’s the five month edition. Here are some of the things I’ve realized {slash learned} as the mama to a five month old – that I wish someone would have prepared me for!...more

Without a Village

"It takes a village."  That's the saying, right?  To raise a baby properly, you need an entire village of mothers, sisters and friends?  I can understand the argument but what if you have no village?This weekend some of Papa's family members were in town.  Both of our families live hours away, which means there are usually several weeks (or months) between visits.  That wasn't too bad when it was just the two of us, but Little H changes so much in that amount of time....more
Sara Knight wrote a recent post "When You Don't have a Village" ...more

Piercing Babies' Ears: Why I Did It To My Kids

Every so often the “to pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears” debate flares up in the U.S. This is probably because there are more and more little Latina girls running around with earrings adorning their cute little earlobes. A lot of Anglo moms consider the practice barbaric and even borderline child abuse....more
You're absolutely correct, a removable earring and a tiny hole in an ear lobe that will ...more

Working at Home With a Baby

I did a post before about my crazy daily schedule on the days that I go to work. A few people have requested that I write a post about how I manage working at home while taking care of a baby. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s hard to describe exactly how my day goes, because every day is so different. In fact, yesterday I ended up having to work from home an extra day because my baby was sick and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to daycare. Look at this face…even smiling when he feels like poop. ...more
Hah. Which is why I took most of the week off while JMP was here. I'm very glad my kids are ...more

Are American Parents Too Lazy To Potty Train Their Babies?

 I don't want to talk about "poop" yet with my son.Am I being a "slacker" mom because I don't want to think about potty training my 21 month old?...more

The Great Debate: Toddler Tube Time

Now that my son has reached toddlerhood the time has come for me to experience first-hand what I've heard other parents discussing (or more like arguing over) for years...the never-ever ending debate: How much TV time is too much?Here is the guilty party in question:(Looks pretty innocent to me!)...more

Trials of mommyhood

Hi all! I'm a newer mom of a one year old toddler girl. I was married for less than a year when we had her. My hubs and I married in August of 2010 and by November 2010 we were pregnant. I was overjoyed!!! We had planned to have children right away. We had been together for 12 years and felt we were ready. In August 2011 our beautiful baby was born! It's crazy how your life suddenly is no longer your own. I suffered from anxiety and I was literally afraid to be by myself....more
Sorry about the run on paragraph. My other blog page breaks automatically and I didn't realize I ...more