What exactly do babies remember at 6 months or younger?

Curious what babies under 6 months remember? A research team thinks they know the answer: babies remember that things exist, but not necessarily what those things are.The study, which was published in "Psychological Science," had researchers showing 6-month-olds a triangle then hiding it behind a screen. Then the babies watched as a disk was placed behind a second screen. ...more

Motherhood Changes Reading

All mothers know that motherhood changes everything. It's important to note that motherhood brings a little person in your life who you love more than anything else. But you'll also no longer be able to  go to the bathroom alone, you'll do without adequate sleep more often than you'd care to think of, you'll become largely immune to disgust of bodily fluids, and "hobbies" like reading can take a big fat hit. But those aren't the only ways motherhood changes reading. At least, for me. ...more
I agree. I spent two weeks of hospital bed rest and I got plenty of reading done. But in the two ...more

She's Absolutely Perfect!

The first few hours after Harrison was born went by in a blur.  She arrived at 10 PM, on the hour, and by 11 PM  we were back in our room and introducing her to friends and family who had arrived and been in the waiting room.  I was running on adrenaline, to and fro between the room and the waiting room.  We had quite a crowd, but by midnight we were finally starting to say our good-nights and hoping for some rest.  Erikka was resting after her surgery, and they were pumping her full of medications to bring her blood pressures back down to normal while I got to spen...more
congratulations! there's nothing more amazing that the birth of your child! and you are right, ...more

My Baby Like Whoa

I had this baby in the house, she was whoa!Had the house stinkin’ up, I mean whoa!Bought her diapers and wipes, I mean whoa!Should’ve seen them sittin’ on her butt like whoa!Now diapers ain’t a problem, see my Huggies like whoa!Pulled out my wipe box on y’all babies like whoa!Floss da booty with Aloe & E like whoa!Mama want my hypoallergenic, I’m like whoa!Read More at ErikaMarie.com...more

Share Your Birth Story

Actually Mummy...Last week Mummy decided to write my birth story. And she asked you to write yours too. If you have one already, please link up using the Linky tool at the end of the post. I will tweet every new link-up. If you haven’t written yours yet, but would like to, you can link up any time you like. We are open to new links for a year!...more

Parenting While Vegan

Babies.  Cooing, sleeping, screeching, crying ...more
We became vegans about 3 years ago after the birth of our 3rd child, at age 37.  i realized I ...more

Where do Babies Come From?

Actually Mummy...A while ago we had one of those conversations with Mummy. Being a brother and sister combo we are well-aware of the differences between boys and girls. Girls are in charge, boys must learn to do as they're told. Oh, and boys have willies. Because they need something to fiddle with. Girls have long hair for that....more


It's been a dumpy kind of day. I may have just made that word up, but it has. It's been just... blahhh. It's been raining. I've been missing my dad. I've run into some setbacks with party planning. And, as soon as I finished loading groceries into the car this afternoon, I realized I had forgotten something really important so I had to drag Wilder back in for a second time... only to get home and realize I had forgotten like two more things. Yeah, that kind of day....more

Has Your Baby Taken Their Pajamas And Diaper Off In Their Crib Yet?

Our twenty-one month old baby boy was so kind this morning to help bring back memories of a morning in the fall two years ago.One morning our triplets were having a particularly crazy nursery party.  Nursery parties occur most every night before they fall asleep and then until we go in and get them in the mornings.  ...more
So horribly funny. My own children have not discovered this trick, but a child I work with DID ...more

Farewell, Warthog

www.TheIntrospectiveMom.comWell, our warthog met his demise today. It’s a shame, because I’ve been rooting for him for a long time now. But I guess his number was up. ...more