Boob Baggage from Another Baby

by Erin Rowe...more

7 ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS for a new mother!

Nothing prepares a mother for motherhood like having a baby. On paper and in books it can seem doable, cut and dry, and almost easy. At least that's what I thought. And then I had a baby! And my world was upset! You hear about sleepless nights but it doesn't really sink in until you have them! You hear about the pains of recovering from childbirth but if you exercise it should be piece of cake....right? You hear that nursing your baby may be rough but you think that it will be easy for you because of all the books you've read! All of that was totally me!...more

The best learning time for infants? Just before a nap

Researchers studied how sleep affected learning and memory skills for 216 infants (6-12 months). They went to each baby's house twice within 4-24 hours. The first time, they showed the babies hwo to remove and play with a mitten that was on a hand puppet.The second time, they watched to see if the babies would remember how it works: removing and playing with the mitten.They found that the babies who had a 30-minute nap within 4 hours of learning the mitten task had better memory recall than the babies who hadn't napped. ...more

Confession: we don't have a schedule...or a routine

Just before baby boy was born I was embarrassed to tell people I wasn't planning on getting a stroller. It seemed everyone was bombarding me with advice on which stroller to get and it felt a bit weird to go "um, actually, I think I'll be okay with just a sling..."...more

Booby Baggage

Every time I pick my daughter up, I hug her, I squeeze her, I kiss her all over.  She is absolutely edible, as all babies are. However, because of her start in life, every time I pick her up, in addition to loving all over her, I unconsciously find myself judging her heft. Does she feel heavier than yesterday morning? Are her kissable cheeks any squishier than last night? Was that beautiful bit of thigh fat there the last time I gave her a bath? Try as I might, these thoughts crowd my mind and Katie has a perfect term for them, booby baggage....more

Why your baby isn't sleeping

The short answer: Because your baby isn't tired. "But," you say to me, "He was tired at this time last night and it's been more than four hours since his last nap. He should be tired." He's a baby, not a clock....more


When your milk comes in and you feel like a porn star with a bad boob job.Around day three to day five, if your breasts become really hard, warm, red, and shiny, then you are probably engorged. Don’t freak out!  This is temporary and you will get through it!Normally:...more

Please Go To Sleep!


Feeling The Baby Thermometer Burn

Normally, I am pretty laid back when it comes to baby-related personal care devices. I’m not a mom who spends seven hours online researching infant toothbrushes to make sure they’ve been assembled in a cruelty-free environment using the world’s purest silicone and  hand-woven silks from far-off lands. Nope. Send me to Target and I’ll buy the first one I see. But there is one baby-related personal care device that sends me into a flying freakin’ rage every time I need to use it: the digital baby thermometer....more

Sex Day!!! (Finding Out)

It’s 4:23AM on Thursday, November 20th 2014 and Lynette comes back to bed after a “nervous poop”.  I’m as jealous as a pearl-less oyster.  When I’m nervous I lock up as though my bowels are a series of dry ropes and rusty wrenches.I go into the bathroom and eventually drop one single, simple and sad musket ball and when I get up I realize that I’ve been on the toilet for much too long.  I’m the newborn shaky-legged deer on pins and needles feet....more