Milk and Nookie: Breastfeeding and Sex

You might not be enjoying breastfeeding because you and your partner aren’t connecting. Perhaps one or both of you think that is because of breastfeeding.I wanted this blog post to be about your partner. I want to give you some really deep insights about how your partner’s support or lack of support can really affect your level of breastfeeding enjoyment.But, I can’t.  Why? Because I don’t know anything about daddies.  I talk to mamas all the time about their feelings, their struggles, and their fears. I feel like I get you ladies....more

You Can't Control Breastfeeding

Intention. Attention. No Tension.This concept is borrowed from Happy for No Reason  by Marci Shimoff.This applies to anything and everything, but here we are going to apply it to breastfeeding (because, you know, that is all I tend to talk about).IntentionSet an intention, also known as a goal. Make this mean something to you.In my course “The Secrets of Breastfeeding Success”  I ask you to set a clear goal and identify three to five MOFA (motivating factors)....more

Study shows breastfeeding longer leads to greater earnings as an adult

(DISCLAIMER: I know not everyone can--or wants to--breastfeed. This isn't a judgmental piece; I'm just sharing the results of a new study.)Researchers at Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil looked at the lives of 3,493 infants born in Pelotas, Brazil until they were about 30 years old. They measured their IQs and asked them about things like educational achievement and their income....more

Lie #2: Pacifiers are Bad

I am big fan of pacifiers.  Unfortunately, my daughter never took one and I came to peace with being her human pacifier. But, I recommend pacifiers quite a bit.  Funny, since practically every other breastfeeding professional seems to hate them and sites them as the source of all evil....more

Birth Matters, but It Isn’t Everything.

Birth Matters.33% of babies are born via cesarean section. In some areas, that number creeps as high as 45%.66% of women who have a vaginal birth receive epidural anesthesia during labor; in some areas, that number is closer to 78%. Individual hospitals report rates as high as 95%....more

Homemade Baby Food - Stage One

Look Mom… NO HANDS!

If you are a parent, you’ve probably done the whole bottle hold under the chin because your phone is ringing or you dropped the remote changing the channel while you are feeding the baby. How many times have we said to ourselves – I wish there was something that would hold the bottle right here for me?! Well, there is and I used it for the first time last night… and I read to Landon WHILE I was feeding him his bottle. He LOVED it....more

Will ESP make my baby sleep through the night?

You can blame sleep deprivation madness if you like but I am beginning to convince myself this is working. ESP (extra-sensory perception) as the new get baby back to sleep tool. Whoever wrote the phrase sleeping like a baby was a mad man. Unless of course he meant the phrase to mean something else. Something else akin to hellishness.Anyway, my precious Angel wakes up a lot in the night....more

#BabyHack: No More Dirty Diaper Smell for You!

When you sign up to be a mom, stinky diapers are just a part of the package. And honestly, I really don't mind the whole changing diapers thing, even with a two-month-old AND an 18-month-old that go through diapers like nobody's business. But the thing I hate? Diaper Pails! They are sooooooo gross. ...more
@Kimmy Fix Awesome! Yeah, I'll never go back to diaper pails :)more