Vlogging at 59 and Some Things It Has Shown Me

I have been working on my YouTube channel since October.  When I started it, I had no idea it would change my life as it has.  I don't think the changes are visible to anyone, but they're internal and important changes.  Starting the channel has also taught me things about myself....more

Post 50: Cinderfella


Pan Am TV- Recap: How much tension can we take

Have you been watching one of the so-called hottest new programs of this season- Pan Am.  Well I am a former Pan Am stewardess. I dropped out of college, moved to San Francisco and lived on the corner of Haight & Laguna in 1969. I was hired by Pan Am after the Civil Rights Act was passed in '64 then based in NY.  Sharing that simply to say, I am a baby boomer y'all--- a black one ^_~  whose response to this program and this period I would like to share with you. I  just started with the 4th episode. Take a look:...more

Tips for Boomer Women

Boom.  Can you hear it? It's not a bomb. It's not an auto's backfire. It's not even the sound you hear when the other shoe drops.Rather what it is are voices. Millions of voices. Millions of Baby Boomer voices.  Women’s voices. Image: Sporrer/Rupp via Cultura/ZUMAPRESS.com. First let me give you 3 Tips for Boomer Women:...more
Thanks for the tips. I'm 66 and I don't ever feel old. I'm healthy, I'm active, and I love life.more

Ex-plore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different and we have high expectations of the changes we'll make....more