"Greypreneurs" Or "Seniorpreneurs" Leading the Way

This is a wonderful article, and I am not surprised by what it reveals:  "A recent Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation study found that over the past decade, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity took place among those aged 55 to 64, this ...more

Be Happy, Son: The Millenial Generation Is Not Screwed

We’d spent the day cleaning his room, sorting his belongings, and beginning the long slow journey toward separation. My son was heading off to college and I was trying to make peace with it. The “It” here being his future. So when the daily mail brought a magazine with an article asking “Are the Millennials the Screwed Generation?”, it was hard to ignore. After we both read it, my son turned to me. “Do you think we’re screwed?”...more
 @bnjmn_mxwll  Uh... would it be way too matronizing to say..."out of the mouth of babes?" P.S. ...more

Are all older women cougars want to be, or is that b.s.?

  When I Google the words "older women" all I find is sex, and cougars. Actually the very first thing that comes up is about older women wanting to date younger men. Gees how far is that from our reality! Most older women have other things on their mind like how to keep their family together without them killing each other, stretching their oh so thin paycheck for the long week. These things are exhausting!...more

My After Life Series - Cupcakes and Sunshine

By Susan Keats, Contributor &  Seize-the-Day PropagandistI want to share this story because it is true and I think it is a beautiful story on many levels. It also helps to explain another reason why your small gifts or moments of kindness can be so meaningful....more

5 Way Baby Boomers Can Be Happy In Your Business

When it comes to Baby Boomers in the workplace, you might imagine the generation is getting ready to retire, head into the sunset, or just check out. As it turns out, you couldn’t be more wrong, as this is the generation that loves to work. After all, this is the generation that invented the concept of workaholic. They like to climb the corporate ladder and are motivated by advancement and money. So how can you keep them happy within your business? Here’s how: ...more

‘Tis the Season for Farmer’s Markets

 They’re back. And, those of us who have chosen to embrace the locavore lifestyle are glad....more

Earth Day 2012

The earth has music for those who listen. - William Shakespeare1970. Calling all hippie baby boomers that were there. Watch this fascinating time capsule about the first Earth Day celebration way back then. Brings back lots of memories for me!...more

Oceans – a Critical Component of Life

Baby boomers and their families are concerned about ecological and cultural challenges facing all of us worldwide, and there are many organizations working together to promote sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage....more

With the Passing of Davy Jones, A Piece of Childhood Returns

 In 1966, the answers to two questions firmly established one's taste, refinement, and standing as a female connoisseur of pop music and teenybopper sex appeal:...more