Social Media, Here We Come, or A Baby Boomer’s First Ten Days on Twitter

I can’t claim I was dragged kicking and screaming into this Twitter thing. I paid tuition for Sree Sreenivasan's Social Media course at the Columbia Journalism School . I took the subway uptown. I sat down in a class. Actually, first I had a meeting re reunion business at Barnard and then dashed across Broadway at 116th Street, raced down the steps toward the Columbia library (noting that the lawn is draped in white—seeding?), and hung a sharp right into the Journalism building, where I had not been since . since a long time ago....more

Silly side of aging

Jokes about getting old begin in childhood and continue for decades until - gasp - one actually shows signs of age.  It’s another case of it’s funny ‘til it’s not.  Even when the joke’s on me, I get it, I really do.  We joke because  what else are we gonna do? Hooray for Baby Boomers, whose aging numbers are now so great that their wants and needs can’t be ignored.  ’Bout damn time. ...more

Looks like a stretch to find an acronym, but here's what MIT came up with:

Age Gain Now ...more

Baby Boomer Mothers Go Tiger. Sort Of.


Hi! Since I am new here....

Hi!New here and just wanted to get the ball rolling by introducing myself! My name is Melody, and I guess you could say that I am a 'serial' online entrepreneur. I've been earning my living online since 1994, and along with my hubby, we run a couple of hundred websites and web businesses, doing a little bit of everything from affiliate marketing to custom products.My latest project though is not a 'for profit' venture, it is a true 'passion project', called SecondWindEntrepreneurs.org....more

Snow is a Four Letter Word

The empty nesters wish our readers and listeners a very happy and healthy 2011.  We are excited about the opportunities and possibilities a new year brings and energized by our recent switch to Premium hosts on www.blogtalkradio.com/emptynesters....more

Maria Shriver on Alzheimer’s and Women: Hope Over Fear

Try to remember what you were doing a minute ago.  Got it?  Now wrap your brains around this:  In the past minute, another American developed a fatal disease that will slowly erase the personality and a lifetime of memories.  That person will either die with that disease or from it, because there is no cure.  That disease is Alzheimer’s, and it’s a growing national epidemic.  ...more
Thank you for your continued efforts to bring awareness to a disease that wreaks havoc with the ...more

Why You Need Your Sunscreen

When I saw this article – For Boomers, Sunblocks Come Late -  in ...more

8 First Moves to Overcome the Empty Nest Blues

The holidays are a time of separation anxiety for parents watching their children head off with their friends and respective others to celebrate. Sure, there's less laundry, fewer dirty dishes and no more heavy metal blasting at 5 AM....more

Upon Finding 50

Well, it finally happened last weekend. I reached the half-century mark on a balmy, sunshiny day more glorious than anything I could have ordered. Sure, there were piles of snow still melting down the driveway like tears, a reminder of the soul-numbing winter grey we’ve experienced in the Midwest this year -- but, darn it, the living started to wake up on Saturday! ...more