Down with diaper bags

The moment I saw the window on the pregnancy test reveal the positive result line, I had visions of cuddling a tiny baby, taking walks in a premium stroller, and lugging around a fashionably sexy, haute-couture diaper bag....more

My Clubfoot Baby

This is my son Josiah....more

Organizing's a B*tch... Until It's Done

Organizing is hard. And not just because it takes physical & mental energy, determination, and stamina. It's also hard because there are so many layers. You can't just go into a room and tackle it right then and there. You have to clean, discard, sort, relocate, and improve. As much as I wish I could tackle room after room in one epic sweep, it's just not possible....more

Why I Started My Own Company: My Story

I started this company because I am so so passionate about breastfeeding. My main goal with Latched on Love has always been to support breastfeeding moms and soon to be moms. I wish I could help every single mom who is struggling or thinking she can't do it- I really do....more

When I Was Expecting Twins, I Wondered...

Nobody can realistically plan or be prepared for twins. In our case, it was a tremendous shock when we found out we were about to be twice blessed! As I started mentally preparing for their arrival, I had a lot of questions about what it would be like. I knew all about pregnancy and caring for a ‘singleton’. But twins? This was all new territory for me and John!...more
Cheryl Lage I'd love for this to be shared :)more

The Doctor’s Always Right? How to Make the Best Medical Decisions for Yourself and Your Baby

This blog wraps up the top ten reasons why you might not be enjoying breastfeeding. Read reasons 1-9, too!...more

The Basics of Human Survival: Take Care of YOU too!

This is #9 in the 10 Reasons why you may not be enjoying breastfeeding.You might not be enjoying breastfeeding or life for that matter if your body feels neglected and abused....more