Cantaloupe Puree

With temperatures soaring up to 100*F, summer is already here in Phoenix. Desert climate make summers really brutal. Just few minutes out in the sun becomes exhausting. In such hot days, cantaloupe when served cold, becomes very refreshing. I just love them. It is an excellent fruit to cool one’s body. ...more

Why making baby food at home is beneficial

Initially when I started feeding solids to my daughter, I started with Jar Foods. I used Earth’s Best Organic varieties. As a new mom and first baby, I had no idea on what to make and how to make baby food at home. For me jar food was an easy way out. But after few weeks of introduction to solids, she was more interested in the food I ate, then what was served to her....more

Just Like It Was Yesterday!

On November 7, 2013, I went into labor with Bambino.  It was about 3.30a when the first real contractions started.  I waited for an hour like the doctors suggested to see if the contractions are real by timing there frequency.  When the contractions started coming about two minutes apart, I knew this was the real deal and it was time for me to go to the hospital.  I woke up my husband and told him that I think it was time.  My contractions seem different the second time around because it didn't seem that painful than the first time.  It was about four fort...more

Baby's First Bath

I think it is fair to say I was a nervous new mother. ...more

My Adventures in Breastfeeding

Every time I see an article about breastfeeding, I see the following statement (or something similar), "Breastfeeding is hard." Every article seems to bemoan all the challenges of breastfeeding and make it seem like all women struggle. I feel strangely guilty and confused when I read these articles. Why? Because I found breastfeeding natural and fairly easy....more

Baby Care Is Going Back to Basics

Many first-time parents describe the moment their baby is born as “surreal.” They’re suddenly responsible for another person’s life, and they don’t always feel up to the task. But as recent trends in infant care suggest, new parents may know more than they think. Society is shifting toward methods that are rooted in common sense — and science, too!...more

Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions

Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions...more

Structural proof that "good mothering" hardwires the baby's brain

We've known for a while that neglect is bad for a baby's brain (remember the story about the Romanian orphans who were hardly ever held or touched?) and maternal stimulation is good. But now neuroscientists have used the latest technology to look at the structural changes in infants' brains. They did the study with rats, which have one of the closest resemblence to humans in terms of research. Here's what they found after watching almost 100 hours of video of moms nurturing their pups and comparing it to electric readings of the pups' brains:...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Surprise!

You may have guessed it…it’s true…we’re having baby number 2!  To visit the blog, Xo,J...more

You Know You're A Mom When...

I’m the type of person/writer/gal who enjoys breathing a little humor and fun into personal experiences in which women everywhere can relate to. There’s nothing better than an honest to goodness blog that make people laugh and feel less “alone”, especially in the world of pregnancy and motherhood....more
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