How does evil grow? And other random questions...

With the Casey Anthony case and now this boy who murdered his parents and then hosted a party with their bodies in the house...I have to wonder...What is going on in the world?  These people were innocent babies at one time.  What happened to them?  Why and how do people turn into creatures capable of such evil? How does evil grow?...more

I was on pins and needles with and petrified I would do the wrong thing. I think I consulted ...more

Holy Chub Rub...

Oh Chub Rub...I have not missed you.  You first came to me when my days in college were dwindling away from me.  Back then, I appropriately placed blame on the pitchers of beer, fried food, and cups of jungle juice I indulged in over four years.Today, I thought about blaming baby girl.  But really, this isn't Evie's fault.  Evie wasn't the one giving in to every last craving (Why can't a girl crave broccoli?).  Evie wasn't eating ice cream like it was going out of style.  I was....more

Three Parts, A Portion of the Whole

Three Parts, A Portion of the WholePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen ...more

"You're going to get SH*T on!"

This is my husband's charming advice to his friends when they announce they are expecting.  Nice, right?  He follows it up with, "Get ready...I didn't mean that metaphorically." Sigh.  Way to initiate them into the parents' club, dear! What I'd like to tell our friends who are expecting: *Everyone is going to tell you how much this baby will change your life.  You'll hear that so many times by the end of your pregnancy, you will be sick of hearing it....more

So true! I can't believe I didn't put it on the list! :) Clearly I need to do more of that ...more

The best (and cheapest) healthcare in the country...

The busy weekend continued yesterday.  After my short but sweet date night Friday night, I had a jam packed day to follow.  I had two parties to attend, with baby girl.  But I was going it alone, no trusty husband by my side for companionship, but more importantly, for help!Off I went to the first party, chipper and happy.  Husband packed up the car for me and then headed off to his cousin's bachelor party.  The first party was a breeze, Evie slept through it. I put clicked her back into the carseat and off we went.  Next stop, my mom's house....more
Love you soooo much!



No worries, no spoilers...HP 7 Part 2 and Mommy's First Night Out!

Last night, as all of America knows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened in theaters.  The husband and I have been Harry Potter fans from the start.  Together we own 3.5 sets of the books (we have one set that we own just to lend to others, hence the .5 status of one!).  In fact, the very first gift I gave the husband was a copy of Book 4 to replace his missing one.  ...more

Trying to do too much

Baby girl, Evie, isn't even six weeks old yet.  We reach that milestone this coming Sunday.  ...more


I have the most embarrassing fear in the world.  When I cannot hide my fear, people look at me differently, when it becomes noticeable to others, people judge.  My fear is always misread as hatred.  People think I am a bad person.  I believe I am a good person.  I also know I try very hard, almost daily, to overcome this fear....more

Let's talk about boobs. Hooters. Ta-tas...whatever you call them!

So after giving's a pretty obvious statement to say that things have changed.  Oh boy have they ever.  ...more


Today I did what I previously thought was unimaginable.  I took baby girl (just 5.5 weeks old) OUTSIDE TO A RESTAURANT to eat!  Ok now before I pat myself on the back so hard I bruise it, let me be honest about something here.  We didn't exactly go to the Ritz-Carlton.  It was a small indoor/outdoor pizza place. But you know what folks?  It counts.  Because I said so! She slept the entire time.  Just the wayI like my Evie in public...sleeping and fed.  Life is good....more