The Way It Works

My, How Things Have Changed... For ME

Fast Household Morning Routines BEFORE Baby: Adam: shut off ridiculously loud and annoying alarm 3 or 4 times before opening eyes play Words With Friends on iphone for 15 minutes start car from bathroom with handy remote start shower, shave and get dressed within 15 minutes head out the door to work, approximately 20-30 minutes after final alarm went offJenny: listen to Adam's ridiculously loud and annoying ala...more

certainly, lot lots of routine changes happen to women when they have a baby and they still ...more

I went AWOL for a good reason.... the birth of my new nephew!

 Annie (Lady M) x...more

I am so very sorry for your loss, my friend.

     There is a storm outside, and as we weather it inside our comfy homes, my sister’s best friend is weathering an even uglier storm, one that’s eternal. Her baby died. She buried her little Belle on a day when this weather was at its worst, a day when the city even shut down, when people hid in their homes. But as a mommy, she braved even the scariest of temperatures to help send her baby off.      This mommy went to her doctor appointment the day before her scheduled C-section. Her Belle was fine....more

Permission, Imperfection and Pizza = The Best Baby Gifts of All

My toddler is transitioning from crib to bed. Every time he wakes up, he realizes that he’s no longer confined. What does he do? He JUMPS! An excited thunder from bed to floor, from floor to bed and then back again....more

The "J" Twins Photoshoot

I couldn't resist sharing my latest photoshoot of the J girls.  At only about 2 weeks old, they already have personalities and differences.  I love them so.  Hope you enjoy!...more

Winter Cold (Green) Survival Kit

Currently  my family and I are deep in battle with  a nasty  cold which inevitability comes around  this time every year.  With all my eco changes in place  my ‘Must Have’ list for cold season had to also be updated. Here is my drug free updated list. To Eat/Drink...more

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'Too Posh To Push' pushes me over the edge!

Grrr. I have just read an excellent post over on Is There A Plan B where she discusses a news article claiming that four in ten women are now ‘too posh to push’. That term really makes me angry! Regular readers of my blog will know that the birth of my son was not a nice experience. I have had two emegency sections and I DO NOT consider myself too posh to push....more

Unfortunately, the article is not incorrect. Yes, there are many women for whom C-sections are ...more

How to Preserve that Childhood Lovey

Car keys?  Check.  Cell phone?  Check.  Diaper?  Check.  Snack?  Check.  Thumkin?  Check.  Seven months after Little Friend was born, we had another addition to the family: Thumkin.  You may not know our Thumkin, but you know a thumkin.  You know that thing–the thing that’s so indispensable to baby that you’ll turn the car around an hour into a four-hour trip or buy three extras as “just in case” back ups?  You know, that ratty, thread bare, nubby, worn, loved-t0-pieces thing?  That’s Little Friend’s Thumkin....more