Breastfeeding isn't just for hippies

When my husband asked his mother why she chose not to breastfeed 27 years ago she relpied, "formula was just the thing to do then". Apparently after talking to my own mom, she summed it up, both of my sisters and I were formula babies because, "Back then it was sort of for homeless people and hippies"!  At one time public opinion was, we could duplicate and improve a mother's milk.  Now we know how breast milk is almost magic....more

Baby Group

Poo In The Toilet

6 Months

 Betty is exactly six months old today. We celebrated this milestone by going to Baby Clinic for a weigh in. I know. Wild. You should've seen us the first time she rolled over. Celebrated by standing in the Post Office queue. Those mentalists really know how to PAR-TAY. ...more

Babble, the gateway to childhood

As little bean begins to discover his voice and babble away about his day, I have to make up some pretty interesting stories to keep the conversation going. Although I can only imagine what he is trying to tell me he gets so serious and looks right at me and babababa's away. So I return the favor by putting these into English for him. Last night it went something like this. Bean: "bababbabbaaaaababa mamaamamaa" Me: Really?...more

Mother's Day

As a kid, I used to ask my Mum on Mother's Day (considerate like), when it was Children's Day."Everyday is Children's Day." she would say with a smile. This would go over my head, until one day at about thirteen years old, I discovered the passive aggressive vocal slight of hand that is sarcasm, and in turn a new found respect for her....more

Mother's Day

Virgin Media

 Current TV: "Keeping your finger on the pulse. Sometimes." Full post click hereMy Funny Mummy...more


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