Thoughtfulness Thursday: Surprise!

You may have guessed it…it’s true…we’re having baby number 2!  To visit the blog, Xo,J...more

You Know You're A Mom When...

I’m the type of person/writer/gal who enjoys breathing a little humor and fun into personal experiences in which women everywhere can relate to. There’s nothing better than an honest to goodness blog that make people laugh and feel less “alone”, especially in the world of pregnancy and motherhood....more
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Most Adorable DIY Crocheted Nursing Necklace

About a month ago, I received an email from a friend of mine who recently had a baby. She asked if I would be interested in seeing if I could make her a nursing necklace. In case you didn't know (because I had no idea before she emailed me), a nursing necklace is a long, chunky necklace made with wood beads and cotton yarn. (It can be made with plastic or other materials too, but the wooden ones are what my friend wanted.)...more
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Traveling with Baby

The Family that Laughs Together Blog ...more

The Family that Laughs

Wife, mommy, baker, blogger... welcome to our silly life! ...more

35 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #3

I Used To Hate Breastfeeding Photos  You can read more posts at www.suckathomemom.blogspot.comI'm a 40 something year old with two tweens and a new baby. This is my effort to keep my sanity after leaving the workforce, taking up breastfeeding, and managing the kids. I'm mostly fail...more

Strength in Motherhood

I’ve always been proud of my children. From infancy to adult and motherhood, my daughters have amazed and humbled me. I am the proud grandmother of ten precious wonders and each has a special place in my heart.8 lbs 9 oz...more
WHAT!?!?! Well, Suzie Ivy, Hello! So glad Linda Anselmi spilled the beans on Chatter that you ...more