Lark Story...a birth story...

Just ten short weeks ago, I gave birth to my daughter, my Lark with her is more than I could have ever imagined. And it happened like this... ...more


There's nothing quite like watching one of the most beautiful people you've known as they sleep peacefully, sun streaming in highlighting their natural glow!Read more on Life Breath Present...more

The sleep conundrum: What to do while baby sleeps?

People love to tell you how important it is toget a good nights rest. I don't mean to pick on this Daily Worth article, its just the most recent one I've seen. When you are young (i.e., before you have kids) you take it for granted....more


One super-large-humongous reason we are on the lookout for an RV, is because we like to take road trips. We love going different places and seeing what sorts of adventures we can find. These road trips have often come about unexpectedly, meaning we simply decide to go somewhere. There are occasions when we do plan or decide to go to a nearby park/forest, but the most fun is when we just pack up the car and hit the road - no destination in mind - no planning - just an awareness that adventure will be found and fun will be ours!...more

Spoon and Bread

Finally I can post something today.  More on that another day, possibly tomorrow.Baby gets to play with a spoon and some bread. Read more on Life Breath Present...more

6 Months In Photos

6 months ago there was a celebration of Baby's birth! Since that time so much has happened. Baby has learned so much, grown a ton, and as parents we've just gone with it. But, in honor of him being 6 months old, I thought I'd post pictures of his journey thus far.At birth, he looked like this. From the moment he was born, Hun said that Baby looked just like me. As time goes on, and other people mention the same, I am now convinced of the truth....more

Motherhood Unmastered

Every time I think I've got this mom thing figured out, baby shows me that I don't. One day I think to myself, I've settled into being a mom of a ___-month old and the next minute I realize this isn't true and I still don't know what I'm doing....more

Relationship Status | Lousy Friend

 Have you noticed that since you gave birth to your little babe that your relationship status has changed among your friends? I have!...more

How to Survive Teething

Teething is the bane of my current existence. Cranky baby during the day, short or no naps and very little sleep at night. H got her first tooth at 4.5 months, S and I were quite surprised. H barely showed any signs of teething at all, we thought to ourselves “Hurray! We have a baby whom teeth will not be an issue!”Nay my friends, nay....more

Creating a Routine to Get Baby to Sleep

  The wish of every new parent? Sleep. We pray and hope that this baby will sleep well and let us catch up on all that missed sleep due to midnight feedings....more