Sleeping Baby - UPDATE

Thought I would update you since the previous post. (See Nablopomo day 18 Sleeping Baby)Well she did it. She stuck it out the whole night in her own bedroom for the first time. I have never been so proud of my little girl.After waiting around till 1 am to see if she would walk out of her room in protest, I succumbed to sleep....more

Know NOW which Support Group to Go to. Then Go.

For the past five years, I have run a weekly support group for new breastfeeding moms. This isby far one of my most favorite things.  Typically, eight to 12 moms with babies four-months and younger come to group. We sit in a circle and one by one, each mom introduces herself and her baby. She gives us a back story of her breastfeeding journey and she gets the chance to ask me and the other moms questions about breastfeeding....more


The moment I hear her weight spoken, I panic. Two ounces less. Two ounces too few. Two  ounces.How does a baby lose weight after eating? How is my body not making enough milk? I fed her for hours, for days. Every two hours, around the clock, like I was supposed to. When was the last time I slept? Am I eating enough? Drinking enough water? I must be doing something wrong, because this isn’t supposed to happen this way!...more

What Wallace Wore

My boy Wallace is six months old and starting to crawl (insert uncontrollable sobbing here). He's my last baby and my only boy and I'm finding it hard to gather motivation to dress him. Most days he's rockin a white onesie, pants-less, never a sock or shoe in sight....more

Document This Experience

For how many months have you been breastfeeding?How many days is that?How many times a day do you breastfeed?How many hours a day do you spend breastfeeding?How many total hours have you breastfed your baby since she was born?Now, that is a lot of time spent breastfeeding, huh?  How many pictures do you have of breastfeeding? How many of those include you in the picture?Many women look back and wish they had more pictures taken of them breastfeeding their child....more
Thanks for this post! I happened to come across it and it resonated with me. As a mom of two ...more

Five Things That Blow My Seventh Month Old's Mind

When you slow down and look at the world through your infant’s eyes, you realize that you take the littlest things for granted. Objects that are overlooked and mundane to me, are the most earth-shattering, cause of excitement to my seventh month old:1. TOES. As soon as she gets a hold of them, a squeal of delight is uttered. “OMG what are these wriggly things attached to me!?!?”...more

Fussy Baby

Baby nursing every hour for a few hours each day? Does your baby have a fussy time for a few hours every day? Does your baby drive you crazy every evening?You’re not alone.Most babies have a “witching hour” or fussy time each day.  For most babies, this is in the evening, but it can be at any time of the day. The good news? This usually only last for the first 6-12 weeks of baby’s life....more

How To Do Elimination Communication With Your Baby

When I was pregnant with my first child, one of my biggest hesitations about becoming a new parent was the thought of changing countless dirty diapers and of toilet training. I often wondered if there was a more natural process. I wondered what ancient people would have done! ...more
That's so interesting. I wish I had known about this when my now toddler was an infantmore

Milk and Nookie: Breastfeeding and Sex

You might not be enjoying breastfeeding because you and your partner aren’t connecting. Perhaps one or both of you think that is because of breastfeeding.I wanted this blog post to be about your partner. I want to give you some really deep insights about how your partner’s support or lack of support can really affect your level of breastfeeding enjoyment.But, I can’t.  Why? Because I don’t know anything about daddies.  I talk to mamas all the time about their feelings, their struggles, and their fears. I feel like I get you ladies....more

You Can't Control Breastfeeding

Intention. Attention. No Tension.This concept is borrowed from Happy for No Reason  by Marci Shimoff.This applies to anything and everything, but here we are going to apply it to breastfeeding (because, you know, that is all I tend to talk about).IntentionSet an intention, also known as a goal. Make this mean something to you.In my course “The Secrets of Breastfeeding Success”  I ask you to set a clear goal and identify three to five MOFA (motivating factors)....more