6 Months In Photos

6 months ago there was a celebration of Baby's birth! Since that time so much has happened. Baby has learned so much, grown a ton, and as parents we've just gone with it. But, in honor of him being 6 months old, I thought I'd post pictures of his journey thus far.At birth, he looked like this. From the moment he was born, Hun said that Baby looked just like me. As time goes on, and other people mention the same, I am now convinced of the truth....more

Motherhood Unmastered

Every time I think I've got this mom thing figured out, baby shows me that I don't. One day I think to myself, I've settled into being a mom of a ___-month old and the next minute I realize this isn't true and I still don't know what I'm doing....more

Relationship Status | Lousy Friend

 Have you noticed that since you gave birth to your little babe that your relationship status has changed among your friends? I have!...more

How to Survive Teething

Teething is the bane of my current existence. Cranky baby during the day, short or no naps and very little sleep at night. H got her first tooth at 4.5 months, S and I were quite surprised. H barely showed any signs of teething at all, we thought to ourselves “Hurray! We have a baby whom teeth will not be an issue!”Nay my friends, nay....more

Creating a Routine to Get Baby to Sleep

  The wish of every new parent? Sleep. We pray and hope that this baby will sleep well and let us catch up on all that missed sleep due to midnight feedings....more

What Do I Do When Baby Cries?

  It is a common misconception that all moms know what every cry means. After a while, you can sometimes tell, but other times you just go thru "the list"....more

Five Steps To A Happy Baby!

Welcoming my new Money Hip Baby! (My Favorite Things for Pregnancy, Labor, and Newborns)

Well, this blog just hit a couple milestones. We reached over 10,000 views per month (thanks everyone for reading!) and... I just had another Money Hip Baby!A little over a week ago I had my second baby, my first totally natural birth (to a 9-pounder, no less). It has been a beautiful experience. I am about 1,000 times less stressed this time around than I was with my first. So in celebration of this beautiful new baby, I thought I'd throw together a list of the things that have helped me the most throughout my pregnancy, labor & delivery, and recovery with a newborn....more
Oh I love natural birth stories! I had them with both. Best experiences of my life.more

5 Month Evaluation

Baby turned 5 months old the other day. We didn't do a full, sit down evaluation with him, as we have in months past. Instead we relished in playing with him all day. He did enjoy a late-night trip to Waffle House where I got to have a 5 waffle in his honor....more