Benefits of a Baby Jumper

A baby jumper is kind of a baby play station that has got a seat that is attached to an elastic strap. Once the baby is placed on the seat the baby can then use his/her toes to push on the floor and remain entertained and busy....more

3 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Babies.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift and expert advice, reviews or recommendations?  Take a look at these lovely ideas! ...more

What This Parent did to Alleviate Painful Teething Signs and Symptoms

 Painful teething signs and symptoms are referred to as one of those points in your parenthood which is never a pleasant one. This is because no matter what you try to do or how hard, you just cannot make the pain go away for your child. That in turn makes you feel upset, knowing that you are being useless in this kind of a situation....more

Later in life pregnancies

I am happy being the mother of one. My husband and I are satisfied with our family size and neither of us is pining for another baby. Don't get me wrong - I do sometimes wonder what life would be like with a second child (and it usually scares me a bit). Also - at least in my mind - I think of myself as too old to have another baby....more

Asking the boss for a baby

My husband and I are planners. So, when it came to us having a baby, we mapped it all out: When we would start trying, what potential names we liked, and childcare after the baby was born. We were lucky in the fact that it didn't take us long to get pregnant, and although we had some wrenches thrown into the plan that required adjustments, we are a very happy family today....more

Baby Gear Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms

Being a mom it’s all about finding and sticking to those baby products that are tried and true, safe, and practical for our minimal lifestyle. Living minimally has not only changed my outlook on ‘stuff’, but it’s allowed me to cut out the clutter and really invest in items for the home that have multiple purposes whether it be furniture, clothing, or anything in-between. My husband is the true minimalist; I only adopted it after we moved in together years ago....more

6 Natural Ways to Treat Infant Gas

When you hear that your baby is suffering from Infant Gas, it sounds so minuscule. But, it feels the opposite. They start crying, don't feel comfortable, have sleep problems etc.The infant gas is present usually in the most newborns between the ages of 1 and 4 months. This happens because their immature guts are still developing, making the digestion process very difficult.If your baby is suffering from gas, then you already know it isn't fun at all. But, one thing you can do, is to try these natural remedies that may help alleviate baby's discomfort....more

Best Toys for Baby's First Year

When my husband and I had our baby we had no idea what to look for in terms of toys. Neither of us had much experience with babies, and it seemed like such a small person wouldn't need much. I stand by that thought, but we still got plenty of toys as gifts, and our daughter really took to a few of them. Here are the ones I would recommend for baby's first year:...more