Things I am Anxious About Right Now: Vol. 1

I am pregnant (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with our first child… I am also an inherently anxious person. So now, I fear all of the things. Here’s what’s freaking me out this week:...more

Minimize Toy Clutter with Clean Up Time

When my baby started sitting up and playing on the floor, every day ended with toys and books strewn across the living room. Cleaning it up after putting her to bed was one of the long list of chores to do before my husband and I could turn in. After reading the children's book Clean Up Time, a hand me down from my sister, I remembered that her daughter had started helping with cleanup not long after she started walking. I decided to try something new....more

7 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Pregnant Woman

Having a baby isn't easy. Listening to ignorant comments while you're going through your pregnancy can make things worse. This is a list of things that you should never, ever say to a person that's expecting....more
HAHAH YEAH BECKY ! lol.  I wrote a blog similar to this as well while I was pregnant.   People ...more

10 Aspects of Mama-hood I Never Imagined I Would Be OK With

Image credit: Erika Wilson...more

When Two Become Three: New Additions and New Emotions

When Two Become Three...more

Marriage Kindergarten: The Good, The Poo, and The Ugly

 Basic rule of thumb: Never google childbirth if you are pregnant. I made that mistake when I was nine months along. There's just so much blood, and grunting, and bodily fluid, and panting. And to put the icing on the cake, your husband gets to watch the whole gritty process....more

Should You Buy a Puppy When You Have a Baby?

Should You Buy a Puppy When You have a Baby? ...more

At a place where adoption is-"WOW, no!

I recently came to a conclusion that I do not want to have kids with my husband. Do not want children of my own.It no longer matters why, or how, or when I simply can not get myself into that idea, nevertheless to actually make myself do it. And I believe there is no need. ...more

Music Activities Baby Basics - Part 1

Hello and thanks for stopping in!...more