A Pennsylvania Wedding

We all attended Hun's brother's wedding a short time ago. Baby Boy wore his first suit and had his first haircut. Really, it was just a trim. Hun, nor I, could stand to part with much of Baby Boy's luscious curls. Now, they're not the same, but still quite luscious. Here are a few pictures from the wedding....more

Everything is a Miracle

I have become even more aware of the miracle of birth and new life as I help one of my daughters with her 17 day old baby. The innate intelligence, personality and awareness of each, tiny newborn never fails to astound me. einstein never fails to encapsulate truth in the most succinct manner:“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein...more

Letter to my Daughter at One Week Old


The Moments I Realized I Was Definitely A Mom

That first moment that I clearly remember was when my oldest was born and we were spending our first nights in the hospital post c-section. He needed a diaper change so I placed him ever-so-gently on my bed between my legs and gathered the required materials. His tiny little toes, his cute little bum, ah, it was just perfection. And then I undid his diaper, readied a wipe, and began to clean the cutest little bum… ...and he pooped on my hand. And not just any poop… that first poop. The one they warn you about. ...more
It's always about poop isn't it?!more

It's Been 10 Months!!

Baby Boy is now 10 months old. He's 10 Months Old!! Yes, he is 10 months. I can't believe it. I don't really know how this happened. I don't really know how I became the mother of a 10 month old, busy Baby Boy....more

The Truth You've Always Wanted: When Baby-Making Isn't Easy

I have been contimplating writing this post for awhile.  Back and forth on sharing my truth, heartache, and struggles.  After quite a bit of thought, I think that this may hit home with many readers....more

Stepping Back into the Garden

Fifteen weeks ago, our lives changed forever, as Baby A made her arrive three days late.  At seven pounds, fourteen ounces she was, from the first, a delightful little snuggler.  Now that we’ve settled back into our life together, and after much deliberation about whether this was the place to do it or whether I should start a new blog more devoted to the changes our life and lifestyle have taken, I’ve decided to return to the garden, not because everything is the same or because all of the pieces will fit as nicely and logically as they used to, but because this is the place wher...more

12 Must Have Baby Items

Besides the obvious baby products- diapers, wipes, clothes, crib, bottles-these are the top baby items that I found most useful (and needed!) with both girls as babies. Some were everyday things and some were a one time life saver, but still needed! I highly recommend you to stock up on these products if you are preparing for a little one, it will make your life with a baby so much easier! ...more

Easy Ways To Fit Tummy Time Into Your Day

Tummy time sounds like something simple that you do for your baby on a regular basis for your baby. Although, for many parents tummy time is not so simple as their babies may scream, cry, and spit up while on their tummies.  So let's go back and discuss why tummy time is so important.  ...more

Diaper Box DIY- Better Alternative for Gross Motor Baby Play

Forget the bumbo, exersaucer,  or jumparoo when all you need is a diaper box! ...more