Having a Baby vs Owning a Puppy

Recently my husband mentioned to me how a mutual friend of ours tried to compare and relate owning a puppy to having a baby. Keep in mind this friend is married but does not yet have children. I still remember the face I made when my husband began to tell me about the conversation, (I'm sure I have pretty prominent frown lines now). His friend owns a puppyWe have (parent) a baby ...more

What Every New Mom Needs

5 months in, and I still have no idea what I am doing.   Each day is a new adventure.  Monday, Baby Jedi is a complete crazy person, crying every waking moment until, quite literally, I try to pull my hair out.  Tuesday, he is a sweetie, taking regular naps and smiling and laughing.  Today, back to the crazies!...more

A very special letter to my daughter...

I started writing letters to my little bean the day before I officially found out I was pregnant. I sort of felt...different...and had an inkling I may be pregnant. The next morning, I'd know for sure... ...more

30 Things I'll miss about the first year

My baby turns one today.Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was laying on the couch practically in tears because I was soooo ready for her to be born?Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was falling asleep on my shoulder with those squishy cheeks and all eight of her chins?...more

How to Make a Child-Free Woman Feel Awkward

In the past year and ESPECIALLY in the past few months, I’ve been surrounded by babies, particularly newborns. My best friend and brother both had their firstborns within days of each other, so naturally a lot of photoshoots followed....more
Bodynsoil exactly!  it's the best.more

A One Finger Salute to the Pacifier

Pacifiers. Before you have babies, they seem like innocuous little tools. At some point in your pregnancy, most likely when you’re nearing the end and waddling through the baby section at Target for the 451st time, you’ll stop to browse the binkies. Lining the shelves are your run-of-the-mill greenish hospital ones, as well as an array of pacis with funky, printed patterns, and fluffy stuffed animal attachments. How cute, right?...more
Jess Ullrich Urban Beach Baby Thank you for sharing your journey. Night 1 and 2 are likely going ...more

creating a new baby memory book

as a new mom of twin girls, i knew that i wanted to document as much of their first moments of life as possible. one of the best ways to do that is to put together a memory album – which you can either hand-make or buy a pre-made version at any baby store. no matter what type you plan to use to document your baby’s “firsts,” you can still put together something that’s meaningful to you and your family. i’ve compiled a list of keepsakes to think about saving to include in your baby’s memory book!...more

A Brief Guide to Buying a Baby Swing

Image source: Flickr...more

My daughter lied to me...

Addendum to The Boob Rules

Addendum to The Boob Rules (4 weeks and older)Addendum to The Boob Rules (to be implemented after baby is 4 weeks old)There are the hard and fast breastfeeding rules:#1 Feed the Baby ...more