Dear Treadmill: A Love Letter

Dear Treadmill, I know it has been awhile. Almost 3 years. I didn't call, email, or even text. I didn't venture down to the basement for a visit. I abandoned you without any explanation. I'm sorry. It wasn't you. It was me. ...more

Baby O.

I haven’t blogged much since Oren was born. Forgive me. It’s been super challenging to find the time and the space to think, let alone translate my thoughts into cohesive sentences and paragraphs. But I figure I should probably write SOMETHING about my baby boy before he turns sixteen....more

Lies on the Internet

The internet is the perfect example of a double-edged sword. You can find a wealth of information on almost any topic, and there are all sorts of forums to commiserate with people in your same situation. ...more


It's 330am and of course I'm awake. I am feeling really nervous because I have a Dr appt in Owasso today with my OB and she could possibly tell me that I am going to have a baby today. My appt is at 1045am and I'm nervous as can be! I was having so much pain last night that I actually couldn't eat dinner and went to bed at 730 and slept until about 30 min ago. That's a long time for this mommy-to-be!  ...more
@Karen Ballum Thanks! Turns out I have until Sunday the 24th and he will be coming!more

The Breastfed Family

Original Post by Desiree at three of my children have been breastfed. Each of our breastfeeding journeys differ in experience and duration. My first child has been the ONLY of my children to have a bottle. Which was forced upon us in the hospital. After we left that nightmare, she was exclusively breastfed. My first child (A) had an extremely difficult time trying to latch. This was brought on by a multitude of factors. Being that I was still young and it was my first child, I had no idea what to expect or how to learn the right way to breastfeed. It's mainly trial and error. I had no experience with baby A. No family that could teach me how to do it. The fact that I had an emergency Cesarean section wouldn't have even mattered, if I could move my body at all. The numbness consumed me. If only baby A and I could get that skin to skin contact right away. Maybe things would have been different.Baby A - 3 days oldThe thought of a lactation consultant didn't come to mind until the medical staff forced me to supplement. I was immensely distraught over not being able to do what was completely natural. I remember thinking to myself, "How can I not know how to do this?" The questions I would ask myself would just make the pain more intense. I felt like I was letting my baby down. My body was letting me down. The pain was unbearable.This is the most natural act that I could do, and yet I could not get it to work. My experience was dreadful. The Nurses were of no help. They were awful even. There was even a nurse who was getting flustered by my lack of knowledge in breastfeeding. She would hold tight onto my breast and try to force it into my baby A's mouth. It was so painful. This nurse was far to forceful, and I now know that this is not the proper way to latch a baby. You do not need to grip the breast the way she was. Honestly I feel if I was left alone, I could have managed to do it. ...more

3 Things I Swore I Would Never Do As a Parent (and Have Already Done)

I remember it so vividly, those days before baby. I remember sitting in bed with my husband chatting about what it would be like when our little one arrived. We joked about the ridiculous things other parents did and laughed about how silly they were. We didn’t read any parenting books in advance because we were convinced that it would all “come naturally” and we would just know what to do. It all seemed so simple. Well, six months in and it is just as my mother said, “Being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love.” That being said, I have fully eaten my words when I said I wouldn’t do certain things once the baby was born....more
I'm in the midst of my first pregnancy and I've also told myself I won't do any of these ...more

Is that my daughter?!

Today at the store a stranger felt the need to let me know that my daughter is beautiful but she must take after her father. She said she didn't see me in her at all. I was like well I had her and her eyes are blue like me but other than that I don't know what to tell you. Ha. She does favor her father a lot but thought it was funny a stranger thought they should tell me. We had a great day Sunday until the falcons lost. Boooo! Really had hope for my husbands team. Overall great weekend though. Tried a new restaurant Saturday night with family. It is called The Chicken and The Egg....more

bed rest boogie

Iwent to my doctor this week, Tuesday actually. Everything is fine with the baby, he is healthy and doing good.Me? Well, I am still contracting and still in pain. Good news is the hospital was able to stop whatever was happening. Still in pain but at least he is ok.  I was still placed on bed rest and have to make it to 36 weeks....more

Tempers flaring

I forgot to mention yesterday that Saturday we had our first official temper tantrum from our daughter. She likes watching her favorite video on her daddy's phone. She saw the phone and while her dad was turning it on she started to get impatient. When he gave her the phone she threw it and she started to cry and scream. We had our first official tantrum and a punishment to boot. We took the phone away and put her in her playpen. She did not come out until she was done crying. It did not last long....more

baby shower bliss

Today was such a great day, was surrounded by the most loving people. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. The shower was held at our local Olive Garden and was a good time.Well, at first it wasn't so, it would seem our reservation was on the books and yet not on the books. We had to wait for half an hour to sit, my poor mom and sister trying to get the table ready. But, it is ok, it was still a good time....more