Why I Don't Want to Know My Baby's Gender

I can't even remember why we walked into our 20-week ultrasound with baby #5 having decided that we didn't want to know the gender.With child number 1, 2, 3, and 4 Phillip and I never even thought to ask each other, "Do you want to find out whether it's a boy or a girl?" That was just what you did at 20 weeks.But for whatever reason, we told the ultrasound tech not to tell us with #5, and I'm really glad we did.Because that particular pregnancy was the one where I learned by experience that sometimes things go NOTHING like you'd planned....more

6 Surefire Ways Your Baby Will Save You Money

Newborns are notorious money-suckers. As I've mentioned before, you need GEAR. Even before that precious little bundle arrives, you will likely get swindled into spending approximately eight gazillion dollars on everything from furniture to itty bitty onesies to diapers. Cloth or disposables? Discuss! (...Just kidding. Worm can: opened)....more

The Hardest Two Weeks

You deserve to hear the truth about the first two weeks of motherhood.I’m writing this as if I am talking to a pregnant woman, but that pregnant woman’s partner should read this, too.The first two weeks of motherhood are the hardest two weeks you can possibly have during the happiest two weeks of your life....more

This is my experience of new motherhood

It's 10pm, still early in the night, and I'm attempting for the first time to lay my baby down to sleep without my help. She's displaying all the signs of her sleepy window: rounded mouth, drowsy eyes, relaxed arms and fists. I lay her in the bed, kiss her goodnight and tip-toe away before she notices....more

Sleep Teaching Methods Part 1: Get Ready, Get Set...

One of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your child’s sleep is which method you will use when teaching her healthy sleep skills. Before you begin with any method, it is essential that you have some other aspects of your child’s foundation around sleep in place as well as some other assurances to optimize success:...more

Down with diaper bags

The moment I saw the window on the pregnancy test reveal the positive result line, I had visions of cuddling a tiny baby, taking walks in a premium stroller, and lugging around a fashionably sexy, haute-couture diaper bag....more

My Clubfoot Baby

This is my son Josiah....more