5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Study Space

With back to school season in full swing, our thoughts shift from summer fun to the study grind. Make the transition a little more palatable by creating a sunny, engaging space in your home dedicated to learning. Make It Inviting and Comfortable...more

Why is My Child Misbehaving? Looking at Back to School Stress, Perfectionism and All Those Worries Our Kids Keep to Themselves

School began last week, and on Thursday night my children and I kicked off the new year by attending the annual school ice cream social.  There I chatted with a mother who complained that over the past few weeks her daughter had been misbehaving.  She explained to me that she takes away toys as punishment.  Her dilemma, however, was that she had already confiscated so many toys that there were hardly any left to take away.  I commiserated with her a bit, explaining that my daughter had been acting difficult and out of sorts as well.&nbs...more

The Bus Stop



Whether you are going back as a student, teacher or parent, take a look at these three essentials to live a more organized life this school year! ...more

Back to School Butterflies

It’s back to school time. I know this because I am now officially late. To everything. Even publishing this post. I know lots of parents everywhere are rejoicing at the return of school. And I can’t say I’m sorry to see summer go. As a working mama, it’s financially exhausting to pay more than half your salary so you can have a job. But now I feel as though I’ve traded one kind of exhaustion for another....more

Celebrate Back-to-School with a Neighborhood Block Party

It’s that time again — the time to trade swimsuits and flip-flops for backpacks and school supplies. Bidding farewell to summer may be bittersweet, but you can ring in the new school year by hosting a neighborhood back-to-school block party. We’ve put together everything you need to know to pull off a community event that will get the school year started right.Invite Your Neighbors...more

Another One Bites the Dusty

My first boyfriend and I lasted exactly five days. ...more

Back to School Emergency Kit for Fashionistas

My heart beats a little bit faster when I see Target setting up its back to school section. Notebooks and pencils and binders, oh my! While I don’t miss being in school, I do miss stocking up on school supplies, or at least I miss the excuse of school for splurging on those supplies. Now, I just feel slightly guilty when I load my cart with 50 cent notebooks and 99 cent pen packs I don’t really need but will totally use… eventually....more

Smart Summer Shopping: Where to Find the Best Deals In July

With the start of summer also comes the start of spending season. Between pricey hotels and new bathing suits for a beach trip, hot dogs and summer veggies for a Fourth of July BBQ and summer camps and activities for the kids, July can be one of the most expensive months of the year. ...more

9 Places to Purchase Back to School Clothes for Pennies

It's not just teenagers anymore - kids of all ages seem to be brand conscious and aware of the current clothing styles and trends.  How do you survive back to school shopping without breaking the bank?  Here are nine places where you can purchase the brand name clothes your kids want to wear - for pennies!...more