Back to School Tax-Free Holidays for 2015

If you have multiple children to buy for, back to school shopping can be an expensive undertaking. Knowing when (or if) your state participates in a back-to-school tax-free holiday can help tremendously. We've got the latest back to school tax free holidays for 2015 listed below for you. ...more

Can a Mom Survive Bottled Up Energy and Giggles at Dinner Time?

Do you ever just FLIP OUT on your kids for no reason other than they're being TOO happy?! Cause I have. Yep. I'm not proud of it. I just simply don't understand it. They will be absolutely content with each other at the dinner table, cracking each other up, not hitting or not not-hitting-but-kinda-hitting, not tattling, not asking me for anything, just genuinely enjoying each other's company while I quietly eat my own slice of Papa Murphy's Take 'n Bake white pizza. ...more
Great post....Yes, these are the best of days......Simply Enjoy...more

5 Things Your High School Freshman Wants You to Know

A few weeks ago, on our last summer afternoon, my girls and I escaped the heat by heading to our local movie theater. As we stood waiting in line at the snack counter, my soon-to-be freshman took hold of her younger sister’s wheelchair, took the movie tickets from my hand, and called over her shoulder, “I got Zoe, Mom, we’ll go grab our seats.” ...more
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5 Ways Working Moms Can Get Involved at Their Kids' School

It is back-to-school time! My sweet little man is going into first grade, and I learned a lot about school involvement during his first year in kindergarten. As a working mom, it is tough to always know what is going on at his school, but I have found ways to stay in the loop. ...more
Bijee Yes, its not easy to balance, but there are still ways to be part of things, you just kind ...more

10 Promises to my First grader


A Season of Renewal

Wednesday was the first day back to school here in our little corner of the world. There were backpacks to fill with a year’s worth of school supplies, snacks to prepare, and forms to sign.I woke up extra early to make sure that everyone’s clothes were laid out and that the morning would go off without a hitch.Then I got busy with the real work of the day. My work.I made three signs that announced each child’s grade. I made sure my phone was charged and that my nine-year-old hadn’t decided to take 300 selfies the night before....more

Back to school essentials, from backpacks to lunch boxes

School days are here again with a vengeance. And for parents and principles, that means paying attention to what the kids and teens are taking with them to those hallowed hallways. ...more

My Baby's Going to Kindergarten

Tomorrow my first baby starts kindergarten.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it.  Most people in the same position as me, seem to be very sad about how grown-up our little ones are.  Honestly, I am so busying during the day breaking up fights and trying to reign in all.the.sass that I barely have time to think about how quickly time is passing.  Plus, I've finally realized that in the grand scheme of life she is actually very little still.  I'll save all the crying for when she graduates high school. ...more

Ants on a log: Healthy snack idea for school or work

It might still feel like summer outside, but there’s no denying that it’s already back to school season.  Cue Debbie Downer music!  Although it’s been years since I last set foot in a classroom, I still get that optimistic, hopeful feeling whenever early September rolls around.  Living in a university town helps fuel that nostalgia and excitement, and I never get tired of it....more

Back To School Blues

 "Could you just change into these?" I ask him, holding out the...more