Glastonbury Coat.

The Brits do a few things really well, and one of them is looking cozy-yet-chic while in the middle of a rainy, muddy field for a mus...more

5 things I packed for back to school

The Pre-Pre-School EditionMy son hasn’t even turned 3 yet and he’s starting a full day-care program. I was sent a list of things to pack for him prior to his first day. It starts! The Back to School scurry has officially begun for our household. I recently made a back to school haul, so I thought I’d write a post about the kinds of things a toddler needs for starting school. I’m going to skip the entire list, and just focus on 5 items. I guess I’ll be reviewing some of these items. So its a list + review!...more

I Envy You, Traditional Schoolers (but only a little)

I see you out there, all over the internet, sending your kids off to their first days of the school year.  Your perfectly dressed children, holding cute little signs.I see their perfect little bento lunch boxes and their adorable first days' "getting to know you" projects....more

4 Easy (and Freezable) Breakfast Hacks

Breakfast has to be the the most challenging meal of the day over at my house. No one can ever agree on what they want to eat. There have been mornings when some of my kids are clamoring for a hot meal while I can barely get the others to eat a handful of dry cereal....more

In A Million Words or Less...

It's the first week of school and emotions are on high. We are excited, anxious but most importantly pumped that we made it to the 4th grade with little to no scars.  This year CJ's school decided to start a week earlier, before Labor Day and while it through us for a loop it was a great idea. The teachers get to spend three days getting to know each kid, while assessing how they learn in a less formal nature. There is no homework.... WAIT, let me rephrase that the KIDS get no homework but the parents do. ...more

5 Things I Remember about Middle School that I Bet are Still True More than 50 Years Later

Middle school was a critical juncture for me. Of course, this is only occurring to me now, fifty plus years after the fact. Here are five things I remember about middle school which I bet are still true today....more

10 nutritious back-to-school snack ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s September already.  Time for a good old fashioned life update!Well, here it is: I’ll be going to grad school.  Again.  I’m trying to be all calm, cool and collected, but the truth is I’m freaking out a little!...more

How to Survive Living With a Roommate for the First Time

For most of us, going off to college and living in a dorm room is the first time we have a roommate (at least one that isn’t a sibling). It’s a huge adjustment! It was an even bigger adjustment for me because I don’t have a sister, so I wasn’t used to living with another girl (besides my mom). All in all, I loved living in a dorm. I loved bonding with a roommate and having another freshman there who was also brand-new to college and nervous. I loved it even more my sophomore year when I chose my roommate and became really good friends....more
My freshman year roommate in college was crazy, but sophomore year I chose my roommate (and ...more

The First Day of School Without a First Day Photo

Sometimes it was a stately tree, sometimes an overgrown bush. It really depended on the house. For the first few years, kindergarten until 5th grade, I hauled out the camera, (the one with the interchangeable lenses and complicated settings), set the mode to default (who has time to read a 35-page manual? In Japanese, no less!) and shepherded the kids to THE SPOT. “Go, go,” I’d say hurriedly. “The bus is almost here. Quick now, stand together. Jimbo, put your arm around Mabel. No, not like that. Seriously, guys. Please. Just one picture on the first day of school....more

Trapper Keeper

 It's back to school shopping time.When I was in grammar school, I remember heading out to the office supply store with a few very important items on my mind -- Hello Kitty pencils, Lisa Frank folders, and of course, a Trapper Keeper. There were so many to choose from, but I finally decided one with rainbow colored hearts floating through the sky.I couldn't wait until the first day of school so I could see which Trapper my best friend picked out....more