5 Things To Do Now the Kids are Back in School

 Whew! My kids are finally back in school. (I’m a little excited. Can you tell?)So now that the kids are out of the house, what’s a girl to do? I offer you five things you could do now that the kids are back in school.5. You’ve been stockpiling the mail all summer. Sure you’ve probably pulled out a bill or two that had to be paid. Otherwise, there’s a college-course of paperwork waiting for you. It’s stuffed in  a container in the home office....more

Back To School: 6 Tips For Your Sensory Child

I know I’m not alone. I get smiles in solidarity, hear the groans at the local Starbucks, and share the frazzled Mom look of yoga pants, messy hair and tired eyes.  It’s called back to school shock. While some Moms are dancing in their driveways, Mom’s like me are charting lists, emailing teachers, staying up late to prep and rising early, just to guzzle down some coffee before the stressful start of the school morning begins....more

Why I Wish My Kids Were Going Back to School in the 70s

My kids returned to school on Tuesday.  Technically, this means I survived the Back to School season since they are now back! But, oh, how I wish they had gone back to school in the 70s.Let me tell you why:...more

5 Differences Between My Son's First Day of School Now and in 2023

“Are you excited about the first day of school?” asked no child another child ever. This is a question that is reserved for grown ups and automatically classifies the asker as such. And by such I actually mean lame. Excited isn’t typically the adjective that comes to mind when you’re a child contemplating the first day of prison, math-hell, the rest of your life school....more

What Back-to-School in Newtown, Connecticut Feels Like

Yesterday was the first day of school, and I so remember last year, when I teased my teenagers and mockingly made a video of them heading off to that first milestone day. The most wonderful day of the year for so many working parents! This year is different. ...more
My heart ached the day I heard about the shooting at Newtown. I remember walking on my treadmill ...more

End of summer musings

Whether I'm ready to accept the fact or not, summer - such as it was, weather-wise - is fast coming to an end as the month of September approaches at what seems like lightning speed. The imminent arrival of autumn is usually a good thing - it's my favourite season, after all - but for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am actually experiencing a twinge of melancholy that summer is almost over. ...more

Back to School: 12 Bloggers Share Feelings, High Fives and Tips

In case you didn't notice, it's Back-to-School time. It's honestly one of my favorite times to be on Facebook; I love all of the smiling pictures of kids in their new school clothes with the hair cuts and new backpacks and fresh looks. Of course, this year felt a bit more bittersweet as I had to share a picture of my baby heading off to Kindergarten. Weep. All the same, I've been reading through so many back-to-school posts with smiles (and tears and laughs and everything in between). I thought I'd share some with you today so you can smile/laugh/cry/weep with me. Power in numbers, you guys. ...more
My server has been down today!! (so frustrating) They're working on it...more

74+ Back2School DIY Shoe Ideas

 For complete post click here....more

Back to School Photography Tips & Tricks

  Hi, world....more

On Letting Go

These days I am not-so-peacefully practicing letting go of those tendrils twisting around my oldest child who is off to school full time now. It's healthy for both of us I keep reminding myself. But in those long long hours when he is no longer here, I feel lost and ungrounded. ...more