Do schools take the thinking out of learning?

Imagine getting in your car to go on a trip to a new place and never making a plan such as looking at a map, writing down directions, or using GPS to plot the road trip for you. In very simple terms, that is what some schools encourage kids to do when they remove the activities that involve planning and organizing ideas and instead rely on highly regulated activities such as memorizing facts for a test. ...more

Back to School Days with Special Medical Needs: Start the School Year on Track with a Parent-Teacher Meeting

Communicate Upfront with Teachers and Staff   It's that time of year again- back to school. And with it comes an air of excitement, anticipation and, for parents, some stress and worry....more

The Return to School with Two: Do We Coddle the Youngest?

The breeze was cool as I walked my two little men to school. I was in disbelief that the summer was over and they were growing up before my very eyes. My oldest was going in grade four he ran ahead with excitement while my youngest entering grade two had straggled behind with trepidation.I balanced my stride in the middle between two the two attempting to look back and forward at the same time. I admired how tall they grown and how independent they had become over the summer. It was this morning my oldest helped cook the eggs and my youngest tied his sneakers with pride. ...more
@victorias_view Reminds me of "Love You Forever" the book by Robert Munsch. Now you both have ...more

Back to school: for mummy as well...

Classes started again last week, on 1 September to be precise. My daughters had an excellent first schoolday, happy to see all their friends again. And mummy had the same experience in the evening :-) Sabine

First Day

The excitement has been building since April.After two years of researching schools, one somewhat panicked course correction, and too many several telephone conversations with teachers, principals and parents, we chose a school for our fuzzy-haired nerd (both qualities she comes by naturally).  And waited.And waited....more
I recommend a good supply of tissue, for just in case. I thought I would be fine, because my ...more

Heart-Mind-Body-Soul: So Long Summer

Until next year Tahoe   Well, it's official.  A...more

Back to School’s a Breeze When You Get Past the Hype

My son, G, is starting first grade on Wednesday, and we’re all ready.It was super easy this year actually.This year, I feel kind of like a veteran at this back to school thing....more

Doctor's Orders to Take a Break from Mommy Blogging

I am not sure if anyone noticed that I haven’t been writing for the past three weeks. I did have comments from two concerned friends during my absence: Miss Birth Control and Mister Heartburn....more

Back to School Revolution

After a few days of sickness, bitterness and resentment in our house, it was time for a change. I find it is better to surrender to the children rather than try to control them.  Once I understand and accept that they are really in charge, the day goes a lot smoother.  The day also goes smoother when I realize I only have 10 more days until school starts.  ...more

Why I Hate Back-to-School

My kids hate the start of the school year. This is completely understandable, of course. They’ve basically lounged around doing nothing for the past three months, so going back to a structured routine seems like unfair punishment. They whine and complain and act like they’re aging hippies suddenly forced to put on a suit and tie and go work for The Man instead of selling water pipes at Phish concerts. School just totally harshes their mellow....more
Hahahhahha! SpongeBob vocab to prep for school. I need to try that one. I'm staring into the ...more