New School Year. New Schedules. Get Them Organized.

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Ah, the sound of nothing. Simon and Garfunkel called it the sound of silence. Ask any mother what her house sounds like after the kids are packed off to their first day of school and she’ll tell you it is pure, unadulterated bliss. Is there anything better than the sight of that school bus after a long summer? A new school year is a blessing, but just when you thought things were working out bam! it’s also a bit of curse. Suddenly, after several months of lackadaisical schedules and weakened rules, kids are put right back in the middle of the action. Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, double-check the homework. It’s all enough to make a tween or teen lose their summer glow. The same goes for parents. Suddenly, you need to put your General’s hat back on and issue all kinds of orders. The question is how do you go from lazy summer days to a productive school year without the battle cries? ...more

The Clutter - always my greatest problem.

"The baking soda volcano can go" - Ha. I have two ...more

Rethinking Study Habits: New Studies Shake Things Up

School is back in session, and my son and fifth child has just completed his first two weeks of middle school. He’s now got a different teacher for every subject and mega-amounts of homework. I have a whole routine for setting up a homework ritual and a study spot that I feel has been tried and true and efficiency-tested by his four older siblings. ...more

i remember when i was still studying, i do well in school but i only study when i want to and ...more


This week was my first week on the fall schedule, the second week of my mashed-together curriculum, and Danica's first week of school.Wowzers.On Monday afternoon, I packed Danica into the bike-bucket and pedaled her over to the mall to do the last bit of her fall shop. The used jeans and outerwear had already been taken care of. The goal was to get her some new shirts so her wrists might be covered for the few minutes it takes her to grow....more

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

Okay, so I tried to write this post yesterday but two little people had other plans for me, and Yousuf worked late, so it was all me all day and by the time I sat down at the computer all I wanted to do was use it as a pillow.  Which I didn't, because that's just weird and so I jotted down some stuff and went off to bed later than I should have but hey, it all worked out eventually so hooray and huzzah for me! ...more

Coeds rejoice, back to school time ladies!

Break out the collegiate colors, hit up Ikea, and get freaking ready lil' sister, cause it’s that time of the year again – Heading back to college! Now depending where you are at in this process, this could either be really exciting or really daunting. For you ladies heading off to college for the first time, heed my warning….enjoy every minute, every experience, every tailgate, every all nighter, EVERYTHING. With the hopes of not sounding too cliché, this will seriously be over before you can think twice....more

A greivance with la grève

La rentree, or 'back to school' came and went last Thursday. Without a hitch. The big kids happily, if only a bit nervously, got right back into the groove of French school. It will come as no surprise that Ma Fille has eaten lunch a la cantine every day since starting. And they both wave goodbye at the white gate and bound away to start a new day, French style....more

Seperation Anxiety

    Every fall the scene repeats itself, a lone child screaming and inconsolable, every day for the first few weeks of school. Not only is that child deeply distressed, but he disrupts the teacher and increases the anxiety of all of his classmates as they too attempt to adjust to this new situation. For your child’s benefit and everyone else’s with whom he comes into contact with, please read and put into practice the following suggestions which make the transition from home to school much easier....more

Back to School: 1974 vs. 2010

Sometimes I find myself bemoaning the plastic world we’ve created and wishing we could go back to a time before our disposable culture got the better of us. It's a simplistic point of view for sure, as I realized last night while reminiscing about my experience growing up in the 70's. No bottled water. Fewer disposables. But were things really better back then or just different? ...more

and the world goes much changes, doesn't it?more

One of my rants - Redshirting Kindergarteners

Yesterday was my son's birthday. He turned 9. He is in fourth grade. The cut-off day for our school district and our school is September 1. He is a cut-off day baby, as his birthday is September 1. The rules read "must be 5 by Sept 1" for Kindergarten. He meets this requirement, since he TURNED 5 on Sept 1 of his Kindergarten year, even though he had already been in Kindy a few days by then....more

Back to School Provides Learning Opportunity on Budgeting

"Back to School" is not quite a national holiday, but you might not know that from the way advertisers have grabbed onto the season to lead them out of the retail doldrums.  Every August and September, retailers and apparel makers run ads touting the must-haves for back to school.  No student (or their parents) is immune.  ...more

My parents did this back in the day. I also learned the hard way with a dress that I thought was ...more