Losing Control of What Your Child Eats

I took Elle and Bunny to the doctor the other day for their annual back to school physicals.  Both girls are healthy and Bunny spent 20 minutes entertaining her pediatrician with her unique style, all the while lounging on the exam table with a paper gown draped around her like a sarong…this by the way has never happened before, I have never seen my pediatrician crack a smile let alone laugh at the anti...more

The Practical Mom's Guide to Outfitting Your Student for College: Dorm Life

Have you gone to your student’s college orientation yet? What’s the number one thing on your mind? If you’re like us, it’s not about the variety of programs the university offers, how fancy the rec center is or how to pay bills -- a subject close to college administrators hearts. No, the real questions most moms have are mom questions. ...more

Last Fall I moved my son and daughter (twins)into the dorm. It was a night and day experience. ...more

Kid-Safe Back to School Gear

 It’s almost time for kids to go back to school which means many of us are hunting for and gathering school supplies....more

Too Much Technology to Talk

We already knew from the Kaiser study that kids and teens have significantly increased their media consumption to nearly 8 hours a day. Now a new study has found that a large number of parents (one-third) feel that their children’s digital devices make it more difficult for parents to communicate with their kids about risky behaviors. ...more

I agree that we parents have to draw the line. We are the buyers of all of the household ...more

Video Interview: Jennie Garth Talks to BlogHer About Silly Bandz and Back to School

The actress and mom of three talks Silly Bandz and back to school fashion rules -- and shares a Tales of the Schoolyard story with BlogHer. ...more

I would have worn them if my mom let me :)more

Show and Tell: NieNie Asks ... How Are You Getting Back to School?

Hey, it's Monday -- time to share the themed pictures of the week. This week I am asking you to send a photo of you: Preparing for back to school. How do you do it? I want to encourage you to comment as well. As some of you know, we will have our "Back to school feast" and the new school clothes fashion show. My kids are so excited. What do you do? Can't wait to see it! (My back to school scene. My guest room packed with school supplies and clothes ready for the big day!) ...more
We start school next week. I have a son in High school, a daughter in jr high, one is elementry ...more

When Choosing Homeschool Curriculum, Let Freedom Ring

It was a perfect summer Sunday afternoon and we were hosting a BBQ but grilling was the last thing on my mind. I had been successfully homeschooling my son since the third grade but this year was different. This year he was beginning High School.  ...more

Back to School: Meeting the First Grade Teacher on Not My Best Day Ever

And then we left, fighting the tide back through the families, mothers in surgical scrubs and dads in khakis, sweaty kids with wild eyes, smiling teachers and administrators dressed to kill. My husband took my daughter, and as I walked to the car through air thick as a washcloth, I let the tears roll down my cheeks. People probably thought I was upset about her going to school, but that wasn't it, not really. ...more
I teach middle school in a rural pubic school. Year fifteen :) A school i have spent the last ...more

Back to School, Teacher Edition: Let the Countdown Begin!

Well, it’s that time of year. Parents, you know what I’m talking about! It’s the time of year when parents of school-aged children are doing the happy dance! Oh, I know the happy dance -- I’m doing the happy dance myself! I might be the teacher, but I am also a mom. The happy dance comes at the end of a long, fun-filled summer -- a summer filled with wet bathing suits, mildewed beach towels, empty wallets, fresh cut grass tracked across your hard wood floors, endless sleepovers, pool dates, golf dates, play dates and movie dates.  ...more

My heart breaks a little when I hear people say they had a mean K - teacher. If someone can't ...more

Eco-friendly Back to School Deals & Giveaways

I have dedicated a whole series to sending our kids back to school the eco-friendly way! I will be sharing all sorts of fabulous tips to help you make greener choices while school supply shopping this year....more