Eggless Brookies Recipe

Eggless Brookies Recipe-How to make Brookie-Soft Chewy Brownie Cookie-Easy Cookies...more

S'more Cookies

Well it’s Friday the 13th and for us that means watching the classic “Friday the 13th” movie. To us, s’mores are one of those things every camper should be making at summer camp so we decided to whip these up to enjoy while watching the movie.Ingredients1 roll (16.5 oz.) Pillsbury refrigerated chocolate chip cookies4 graham cracker rectangles, coarsely crushed12 large marshmallows4 bars (1.55 oz. each) milk chocolate candy, separated into pieces (we used Hershey’s Milk Chocolate)Directions...more

The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Recipe Roundup

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, when I'm still trying to walk off the turkey coma, I begin making my lists and checking them twice. Baking lists, full of sugar and spice and everyone who's been nice. It's not that I enjoy chasing one holiday with another, like one long drawn out binge of indulgence and consumerism. It's quite the opposite actually....more

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesYou made it! You're here, at the grand finale of our holiday baking extravaganza. I've spent entirely too much time in  the kitchen during the past week and a half, eating my weight in butter. Do you know that in order to produce the twelve days of Christmas cookies it takes 10-15 pounds of butter, 20 pounds of various types of chocolate, 10 pounds of sugar and 25 pounds of flour? My freezer is stuffed to the gills with ziplocs full of frosting, sprinkled confection....more

Candy Cane twists

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesYou know that kid who is attracted to sprinkles on everything? Sure you do. This is the same kid who always wants the rainbow ice cream or the insanely fluorescent colored marshmallow cereal. To them, it's really not about how these things taste. When you're a kid, it's about the idea of how it tastes. Like a technicolor lip gloss flavored dream, where every day is a sugar coma induced trip through a Candyland inspired landscape. I was that kid. In some ways I still am....more

Apple-Pecan Hand Pies with Caramel Drizzle

Simple, delicious, apple-pecan pies topped with a caramel drizzle. These make an impressive dessert for any upcoming get-together!...more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Logs

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesFor today's featured holiday cookie, I've fallen back to an old favorite. I think I've eaten these little nuggets every year since I was a kid. They were a staple in my Mom's Christmas repertoire and my own kids have been adamant about keeping them in the line up of treats....more

The Twelve Days of Cookies

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit...or should I say Santa, Santa, Santa? Happy December! Are you ready to start your holiday baking yet, or would you rather spend time decorating the tree, curled up with a good Hallmark movie, or drinking glass after glass of rum-laced egg nog? If you're ready to brave the kitchen and whip up batch after batch of Christmas cookies, then have I got some recipes for you. Twelve to be exact. There's sure to be one that tempts Santa into leaving you that present that until now you've only been dreaming of....more