Garlic Jalapeno Basil Pull Apart Bread - Must Try Recipe

Garlic Jalapeno Basil Pull Apart Bread is a delicious bread loaf with a cheesy garlic filling that my family loves to have. This bread is easy to prepare and can be served for lunch/breakfast/dinner. Its also a perfect pairing for entree’s prepared during holidays....more

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Good Morning Everyone!Today is Monday, and today, I am going to share a recipe of one of my favorite food! Yeah! Can you guess it? I think you can guess it!No, no, I’m pretty sure you can guess it.Why? Because its written in the title of the post!! Hahaha!Yes, it is Pandan Chiffon! :D...more

Simple Vegan Vanilla Cake

No one would blame you for assuming this is a birthday cake for a 5 year old girl, but actually this pink beast was made for my 20 year old brother. He insists that cakes taste better when pink and who am I to argue with the birthday boy. I cooked this cake in 2 cake tins to make a double layer cake but if you wish to cook it in one thats fine, just tack an extra 5-10 minutes onto your cook time....more

Caramel Daim Brownies

Caramel Daim Brownies - www.thekiwifruit.comThis is like brownies and chocolate bars had a love child!!...more

Rhubarb Apple Crisp

How many of you have ever tried rhubarb? It's a fairly new vegetable to me. Nick's mom gave us two rhubarb plants for our garden this year and a co-worker brought a bunch of rhubarb into work to give away. So you know what that means-- time to make something yummy!This recipe is super easy, takes few ingredients, and is absolutely delicious....more

Strawberry Scones with White Chocolate Drizzle

Strawberry Scones with White Chocolate DrizzleFlaky tender Strawberry Scones, drizzled with White Chocolate.  Perfect for your coffee break, or a great item for your brunch menu....more
The white chocolate is a great touch! balancingcinderella.blogspot.commore

Homemade Fluffy Marshmallows

I feel like I'm done adulting. Like I totally need an adulting break. Just take me away to a tropical island with no responsibilities for a good week or two...or a month or five. And yes, the kids can totally come as long as they are the ones doing the adulting. I mean whose idea was it to give adults SO MANY responsibilities?!...more

Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese Milk Bread is amazing soft, fluffy and flavorful bread and One of the best bread recipe that I have tried. I love this bread with butter and I have also used it in my sandwich and its worth it. I am going to make this bread again. We finished it off in no time....more

Delicious Lactation Cookies Not Just For Mummies!

It was only recently that I have heard of lactation cookies. I did not know that mothers with newborn babies could actually boost their milk yield to feed the babies by eating cookies…!  This is indeed a very interesting and new concept that made me curious enough not just to read up more about it, but also to give it a try myself....more