Friends, French Fare and Plum Cake Tatin


5 Instant Pot Baking Recipes to WOW your friends

We’ve had our Instant pot for a few months now. While looking for recipes, I was surprised to learn of all the things which can be baked with a pressure cooker....more

Cooking with Love

I laid out my produce across my kitchen table and it looked like I spilled my basket from the farmer’s market. Everything was raw and rough. Sweet potatoes still dusty under their coarse orange skin, red onions with their crunchy shedding outer layer, multicolored carrots whose color will pop once peel them. ...more

Making whoopie pies

(Part of the club)Taste tester #1 has patience. She takes on some complicated recipes. These whoopie pies took about 2 hours to make. I like to bake but I tend to go for recipes that take under an hour. I have several reasons for this. 1: I have limited time.2: I have limited time.3: Eh, I have limited time. ...more

We Make Cake Doughnuts

( Whip these up today)During my teenage years sweets were usually on my radar. Dunkin Donuts was one of my favorite treats. The apple fritters were so good, which back then were filled with apples. Yes I know how unhealthy but oh so yummy. ...more

Put those summer strawberries to use with these biscuits

Summer is flying by and everyone I know is scrambling to knock those bucket list items off. Go to the beach, picnic at the park, swim at the pool, host a backyard barbecue, eat all of the ice cream. (Items not featured on the bucket list that I have accomplished - get eaten alive by mosquitoes, receive a sunburn, and sweat profusely at all times.) ...more

Homemade French Bread

Raspberry Charlotte

A Sweetapolita Sprinkle Extravaganza

Remember when you were a kid and sprinkles made everything better? Oh, sure you do. You'd go to the bakery and be inexplicably drawn to those stupid, dried out sugar cookies just because they were topped with colorful glaze and a butt load of sprinkles. I have to confess I'm still a sucker for anything adorned with a sprinkle. I know old-fashioned, sour cream donuts taste better. Intellectually I am sure of this. But I still gaze longingly at the brightly topped, carnival colored donuts, their doughy interiors nearly caving under the weight of all that sprinkle....more

Chocolate Cake

No matter what the season, amirite?  Dress up your cake with fun sweet things, like your favourite chocolate bars or confections. For this recipe, you can easily mix by hand too. If you don't prefer espresso coffee, switch it up to brewed coffee and adjust the recipe to 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 cup milk instead. For the frosting, I used chocolate ganache,  that is rich and decadent.Happy Baking! Cheers!...more