Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats

Looks like a quick after-school snack! Thanks for the recipe!more

Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies

When you combine the blissful taste of peanut butter with the deeply chocolatey goodness (more like Godliness) of brownies, you can't go wrong. Not to mention, adding a third layer of rich, deep chocolate ganache. My mouth is salivating just typing this description. These brownies were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....more
These need to!  Yum!more

Reese's Stuffed Monster Cookies

If you've never heard of Monster Cookies before, my question to you would be, "Who are you??"...more

Thin Mint Truffles

I had two boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints lying around, and I wanted to make something with them, rather than engulfing both boxes while watching reruns of The Golden Girls.My solution?Thin Mint Truffles!!!...more

My Blood Type Is Coffee

 My Blood Type Is Coffee Coffee is my life.  ...more
Mine too!more

Form vs Content: Chasing After Perfection In A Mushroom Pie

Aaaah, the good ‘ole form vs content dilemma, old as this world, much discussed by artists, philosophers and critics alike. What do these things mean to us, and how do they operate in our daily lives? Are they important? If so, why? If not, why not?  Since we are dabbling in culinary arts here (as humbly as we can), and cooking, after all, is an art, let’s look at the form vs content issue from a point of view of a home cook, shall we?...more

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Banana Bread

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Banana Bread I love a quick, easy and healthy breakfast bread....more

Not So Healthy Cake Batter Cookies

Here at T2B, we are really into cooking and baking for our family and friends. On Pinterest, we found these down right devilish cookies and had to give them a try. These were a hit with our family & friends and hopefully they will bring the same happiness to yours! These cookies are a great gift to give or bring to a party hence the name ‘Cake Batter’ can you say delicious? ...more

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake I stole this recipe from a good friend (and a blog reader) because it's so unbelievably yummy I had to. Thanks Julie! This is the perfect sweet breakfast treat or snack...I also like it with my afternoon coffee (yes, guilty of sweet tooth while E is taking a nap)....more

Why reluctant, for goodness sake?

My husband and I have been vegetarians for many years, way back when the revolutionary cookbook, Diet for a Small Planet,  first came into being. So it’s been a long time. We were both raised on the typical American Baby Boomer diet of canned everything, processed-to-nutritional-death quick foods, meat at all meals and Jello. The beginnings were interesting, to say the least, but after all the years we definitely have it down and raised our three kids that way. We didn’t eat animal flesh but included dairy and eggs....more