Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes

  Happy Birthday to my favorite guy. I love you! I hope you enjoy the cupcakes. These holders are the cutest things ever. Thanks again sweetie! If you must have these here is the link....more

Literary Works: Making Cheddar Cheese Pies

A while back, I posted Poetic Soup, which my daughter and I made based on a recipe hidden in a poem by a Polish author.  The soup was fun to make, fun to eat, and the whole experience of porting a favorite work of literature into my other favorite — cooking — was nothing short of wonderful....more

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Almond Peach Cobbler

Please stop by and visit my kitchen for my new post Almond Peach Cobbler for a delicious recipe that takes advantage of the season's freshest peaches. Just follow the link: Hope to see you there!...more

The Royal Baby Cake

Diary of a Bake-o-Phobe-Another Manic Muffin Monday

Not comfortable baking? Have your baked goods come out like pucks? Have you set off your smoke detector off more than once? Do the ducks even snub the remnants of your experimentation? Does it seem like everyone else has baking prowess or a cooking show and you seem to always overmix, overbake, or are just plain over it?  Yup. I get it. I was a Bake-o-Phobe just like you, until my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and I had to learn how to feed him and my family.  ...more

Coffee Pound Cake for your Sunday Brunch

Is there anything better than a slice of moist pound cake with a cup of coffee? How about a slice of coffee pound cake?...more

Already Been Chewed Peanut Butter Dog Treats


Party Time: Cheese Sticks With Caraway Seed

There was a time in my life when I was baking for a living. Nothing special or elaborate — I was baking beer sticks and cookies and delivering them to the local coffee shops and watering holes. Those were the times…  Money was tight, I needed to do my share to contribute to the household’s budget, and this baking idea hit me one day....more

Lovely Lemon Pound Cake

Any cake you have make twice in 24 hours has to be a very good cake!more