Apple Days are here again!

This week's recipe features all of my favorite Apple dishes. see all of my recipes, please stop by and visit my kitchen at http://kandyskitchenkreations.blogspot.comHope to see you there! Kandy from Kandy's Kitchen Kreations...more

Mini Peach Pies


Duff Goldman Cake Compressor "The Ace of Cake"


Mooncake Piglet Moulds In Many Disguises

Another culinary tool acquisition as a result of the frenzy purchases made in the preceding two weeks – mooncake piglet moulds in three different shapes and sizes!...more

One Woman’s Trash… Fabulous finds and things we do with them

If you’ve been following my blog, you should know very well by now that I am a big fan of home made bread....more

Baking With Julia Child: Blueberry and Almond Yogurt Tart

When the summertime blueberries are plump and sweet, I try to save a pint from grabby little hands and make this lovely fruit, almond and yogurt tart. It has a standard flaky pie crust, and the yogurt gives it dense, cheesecake-y feel to it. The blueberries and almond are, as the French say, classique. ...more

My First Test Recipe

I typically bake cookies on Sunday.  I like my kids to be able to take homemade cookies (or brownies, or bars, or something sweet) in their school lunchbox.  I'm an avid baker, and even owned a small cafe at one time, so my kids have been eating my baked goods (good or bad) since they were mere babes.  And, although I have an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to cookbooks, I usually reach out to the posts on my favorite blogger's site for fresh, new ideas.  I often find that these recipes are tested by real people, using real equipment....more

Recipe Monday - Blueberry Velvet Cake

Another birthday, another birthday cake. This year the girls wanted a blue cake with pink frosting and the closest I could get was a blueberry velvet cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. I only had one mess-up, too. I'll show it to you momentarily. First, though, the cake! (It basically tastes like a big blueberry muffin, if muffin were cake.) ...more

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters; Simple Blue Waffles

My mom made blue waffles and blue eggs for breakfast. She's funny that way, celebrating special occasions with blue food. I think it's her way of saying anything is possible. Percy can pass seventh grade. Waffles can be blue. Little miracles like that.-Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan ...more