Cake Baking Trick

My husband LOVES Carrot Cake.  Every once in a while I make him one (and try not to eat the entire thing myself!) One of the biggest issues I have when making that cake is it sticking to the pan.  I always grease and flour my pans, but this one still sticks.  The cake itself is sticky, so I understand why - but it's still frustrating!  It's hard to ice a cake that's crumbled from digging it from the pan!...more

How to Make Gingerbread Hockey Players: A Jock's Guide Ep. 6

@Darcie :) Wouldn't THAT be nice! ;)more

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

This yummy recipe was submitted by Courtney from Zionsville, Indiana. I have made these too, and my whole family loves them. Enjoy!Ingredients:...more

granola bars  My kids love granola bars.  With all the hype over food labels, GMO's in the news recently, pesticides, carcinogenic hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and all the other longer shelf life chemicals they put in food, I decided to get back to my original foundation of cooking things from scratch, using organic as much as I can, and really watching food labels.  Even though I have maintained purchasing these items as much as I can, I have b...more


We as human beings want food.We say phrases like "food for thought" and "if music be the food of love".Ever given a thought WHY food?Why do we have to bring food into everything we think about?The answer is its the basis of our sustenance and the cause of life.In the past decade the food we eat has gone into a new dimension of change.Its become more VARIED - in the sense - gluten free,vegan,and the newly developed anti pasto concepts which people prefer sometimes over the same as they term "run of the mill" recipes.People like experimenting with things,especially food as they want things be...more
@Darcie Of course I will Darcie..thanks a lot for the help!!I plan to start my food blog and ...more

Natural products for cleaning the house

Almost on all commercial cleaners stand warnings to keep away from children and avoid contact with skin. Filled with a variety of harmful chemicals, hazardous to health during a contact and with their evaporation into the air.Many housewives complain of damage to the skin of the hands especially from cleaning the cookers, and not everyone can easily work with rubber gloves on his hands....more

Guest Post - Baking Made Fun for You and your Kids

Today I'm lucky enough to have a guest post about making baking into a fun, time-filling activity with your kids! Special thanks to Jennifer Mackey!......more

Molasses Snickerdoodles

We recently made the decision to rid our home of television.Actually, what happened was that Robb wanted to do it, and I whined, cried, and threw a tantrum.  Because I'm kind of a tv addict....more

Countdown to Christmas 73 days and counting

Countdown to Christmas 73 days and counting A few tips for saving time and money during the holiday. We’ve discussed planning ahead so you can add some of these things to your list. Trim costs and fat....more

Countdown to Christmas 7 4 days and counting

Countdown to Christmas 7 4 days and counting Now that you have your shopping list, it’s time to begin your hunt for coupons. Where to begin well if you’ve begun your coupon binder start there look through what you have and set those aside make a list of what you have how many you have and of course the value of each coupon.  Example               ...more