Life Moves and I Follow

Blogging has been a release for me and without it I tend to feel overwhelmed with any/everything.  Life has moved me along in a wonderful way.  I’m still growing and learning.  So, let me get you caught up with everything that’s been happening in the life of this single mother raising a boy....more

New Year's Eve Shortbread & Champagne, Oh My!

ShortBits and Champagne...more

Focaccia Bread

Happy New Year! It’s been cold here the past few days, down in the 20s at night. And since I’ve been in warm environments for the past eight years that is darn cold to me. But I was born and raised in the frigid state of North Dakota, so people are shocked to find that I’m from there and actually get cold (and also because I’ve lost all traces of my Northern accent. Seen the movie Fargo? Yup, that’s how they talk).  In my defense, I was not a very good North Dakota girl. Up there people will start leaving their coats at home when the temperatures rise, yes rise, to the 30s....more

Chocolate fudge pie for under 150 calories

http://thebaboo.comYes. I made this pie and expected it to be horrible since one of the main ingredients is tofu. It was so easy to make and everybody loved it. Only one person, Mike, said it tasted like “health” food and wasn’t that into it…but he’s not into sweets or Modern Family, so…...more
@Smart Moms Save Money It is soo good-the pictures make it look wet and pudding-like, but it's ...more

Recipes from my dad

My dad, Jack F....more

how I spent my Christmas vacation

  I made eight... count them... eight varieties of cookies in the last few weeks... that’s over 400 cookies.  ...more

Italian creme cupcakes with Nutella buttercream frosting

Those of you who cook regularly probably have absolute favorite things you’ve ever made, that you would totally make if someone asked you to make them something delicious from scratch.This. is. it. for me....more

Holiday Weekend Bake-Off

This time of year there is just not enough time to bake and cook all the things you would like. But the best way to be able to indulge in and enjoy all the holiday treats is to share recipes with friends, whip up double and tripe batches of each and swap! The sweets below are some of my faves so see who you can wrangle up so that each of you can make big batches of each and then get together for a holiday sugar overload!...more

Holy Cookies Batman!

This is the first year I attempted to do some real Christmas baking....more

Cinnamon Boosts Male Erections: Women Start Baking!

Are you giggling yet?  We kid you not!  A number of women’s magazines have recently carried good news reports claiming that the smell of cinnamon buns has been proven to  boost men’s erections!    Perhaps this is why women have been ohhing and ahhing over the  King Arthur recipe for Cinnamon Scones!...more