Parm Balls

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What did I do before this?

Ever since I was little I loved to cook and bake.  Anthing and everything.  While cleaning is definitely not my forte, making a mess totally is, especially in the kitchen.  About 7 months ago that all had to change.  We got a puppy.  A sweet, adorable, four pound puppy.  Who loved to eat and chew on anything in sight.  While I'm still not a complete clean freak, or even close to it, I have definitely realized the importance of keeping stuff off of the floor since we got him.  Yoshi is an adorable shih tzu-yorkie mix, and is now topping out at a whoppi...more

Vegan Cupcakes; It's What's for Dessert. Shhhh!

  I'm not that great a cook. OK, I'm a pretty bad cook. My husband is fantastic though. He just seems to have a intuitive ability to combine tastes and flavors in just the right way. More often than not he doesn't follow a recipe, but just sort of wings it. His ribs are famous! They're different every time because he never writes anything down....more

Chocolate Almond Bars

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Baking Bread

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Halloween cupcakes (made the fun way)


Bellingham Flat Bread and Bakery: Gluten-free Goods with a Smile!

During my recent trip to visit my fabulous aunt in Bellingham, I had the opportunity to visit Bellingham Flat Bread and Bakery, which was one of the (many) highlights of my weekend. ...more

The Comfort of Apple Crisp

It's one of those times you try to stay busy as you flow about the kitchen avoiding politics, sex, and religion. You listen quietly attempting to make polite conversation. You make a simple joke and receive raised eyebrow. You open the cupboard and the Tupperware explodes out across the floor. The facade of the good housewife has been revealed and you get the burning look of disapproval. It's these looks that tell you that you were never quite suitable, never approved of, and never will be a member of their inclusive tribe. ...more
@blairyates I am not brave enough to cut back on the holidays! I think it's great that you are ...more

Blueberry muffins

What's not to love? In all honesty, I baked these this morning because there was no more bread in the house and no one can forbid the need to have gluten in the morning. So standing in front of the oven with a polka dotted apron over pajamas, I pulled out a large bag of frozen blueberries and dumped a cupful into the milky batter....more

Bourbon & Pumpkin Spice Cake

This cake with all the spices, raisins, bourbon and nuts will be a favorite to serve to family and friends.  A wonderful dessert and great with a cup of coffee or just a glass of milk....more