Boozy Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

Cooking Guru S4E7: Baking Brie

SIMPLE BAKING BRIESponsored by Marin French Cheese Company: marinfrenchcheese.comPrep Time: 1 minute Bake time: 15 minutes Serves: 4-6Ingredients:1 Marin French Cheese Baking Brie Kitcrackers, fruit slices, bread, chips, jams etc. for serving...more

Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake

 I have a busy week and am trying to get as much done for the holidays before my guests arrive next Monday. That means, Christmas trees, wrapping, desserts, and more! EEEK!...more

Brown Sugar & Spice Cookies

 Happy Friday eve peeps!...more

Cooking Guru S4E4: Chocotella Brownies

CHOCOTELLA BROWNIES Prep time: 10 minutes   Bake time: 20 minutes    Makes 12 browniesIngredients:1 ¼ cups Nutella or chocolate-hazelnut spread2 eggs2 tsp. vanilla extract...more

Mango UpsideDown Cake


Dark Chocolate & Coconut Ghost Cupcakes + 13 Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthier snacking is pretty much my blogging mission. Halloween is just an excuse to make healthy snacks in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and snacks within the orange and chocolate color scheme (yes chocolate is a color). An excuse to make snacks that aren't worth their weight in sugar, are fun, festive, and quite possibly fruity. ...more
I love the ghosts. But the coconut milk powder might be difficult to get access to in my area.more

Baked Three-Cup Chicken

This baked Three Cup Chicken recipe lets you cook the best chicken with minimal effort. Use this method to create the most flavorful, tender, and moist chicken with crispy skin. ...more

Healthy Brownies

This is one of our favorite recipes of all time because they taste exactly the same as original brownies but they are vegan and healthier.At first we were a bit skeptical about the “healthy brownies” idea. But you just have to trust us on this one, they are FABULOUS!...more

White Chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry Roulade

WHITE CHOCOLATE, RASPBERRY AND COCONUT ROULADEWe all know that white chocolate and raspberry is one of the best flavour combinations… Well how about throw a little coconut in there and roll it all up into one big tasty log ...more