Brioche In Brooklyn

 As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning scouring the internet for cheap flights to NYC, I'm reminiscing about the last time I was in the Big Apple.  The city that never sleeps feels like a     second home to me, and it's nice to know that I can skip all the tourist traps and focus my attention elsewhere.  Besides visiting my dear friend from university, I also love to discover new places to stuff my face, shop for vintage clothes and check out the latest MOMA exhibit.  I used to be swept away by all the celebrity restaurants in Manhatten, but during my last visit I took Brooklyn by storm.  From the flea market of food that is Smorgasburg to the infamous fried chicken at the Brooklyn Bowl, I placed some serious effort into filling my belly with the best of this borough.The most memorable brunch I ate however, was hidden away in a little nook in Prospect Heights called 606 R&D.  Their scrambled egg sandwich with ham, gruyere and caramelized onion on brioche was a fistful of savory protein balanced out nicely with the sweetness from the onions and fresh bun.Brioche has definitely claimed a place in my top five fave breads (along with croissants, baguettes, bagels and Persian barbari flatbread) and my taste buds dance whenever the buttery flakiness takes hold of a burger or is turned into French toast.  This French bread, along with croissants belong to a subgroup of leavened delights called Viennoiserie a term that originated from Austria and literally means "things of Vienna".  Viennoiseries are baked breakfast goods or snacks that are made in the same way as bread but have more of a pastry-like quality due to the sinful additions of cream, eggs and higher quantities of sugar, milk and butter.  While I've made homemade bread successfully, I had never attempted brioche.  I turned to my baking bible - Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.  The recipe looked intimidating, but I was feeling patient and in the mood for a baking project.  Most of the time is spent waiting on the dough, with roughly two hours of actual prep, so the process is actually pretty relaxing and ultimately very satisfying.One should note that you do need to chill the dough overnight, so this is a good baking project for a lazy weekend. As with any baking, a kitchen scale is essential, and while my mother kneaded bread by hand, my Kitchen Aid mixer is a blessing and my baking in general has improved since I started using an electric mixer. I didn't have brioche molds, so I used 3 (x 6) muffin tins and even though they turned out more muffin like in appearance - they are all brioche in taste and texture. In the second part of the recipe, what you will essentially be molding out of the larger piece of dough is a mini bean bag chair for the smaller piece to sit in, and this, when baked will result in the classic brioche shape.I was quite pleased with the final product!  My "muffin" brioche tasted sweet, rich and was puffy with a golden, flaky crust, just as I remembered from my Brooklyn brunch brioche.  Now that I can make my own brioche, I can't wait to start creating some breakfast sandwiches, the possibilities are endless!  To be continued... For the printable recipe, please visit the link below! What are some of your favourite breads, or Viennoiseries?...more

Blueberry loaf love a warm fresh slice of loaf right out of the oven, and this blueberry loaf doesn’t disappoint! Its packed with berries so its not dry and you wont feel the need to smother it with butter, because if your watching your points that would be a no-no! The slices are nice and large and one piece will leave you feeling satisfied, but hey even if you devour a second its only 6 points so enjoy!...more

Crepes with Swiss chard and borage filling

This week I am sharing a recipe with some traditional Genoese flavours, adapted for you with the usual healthy twist. Perfect for the holiday season, these crepes with swiss chard and borage filling are light, packed with fibres, deliciously crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside...Continue reading......more

Strawberry chocolate chip bars

Butterfingers donuts’s not to like about butterfingers?? Other than the points.. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate our favorite decadent treats into delicious baked goods, and these butterfingers donuts do not disappoint! They are guilt free at only 2 points each. ...more

Pumpkin Cheese Muffins

When we think pumpkin, we think fall. This week's Monday Muffins are delicious enough to eat year-round. My family does. Pumpkin is a superfood. Packed full of nutrients so we should try to eat it more often. When using canned pumpkin, use 100% pure, NOT pumpkin pie filling. The cream cheese makes these moist and full of flavor. Add the glaze and you have one fabulous muffin!...more

Avena al Horno con Toque de Coco

¡Miércoles! Aún tenemos que organizar los desayunos, las comidas y las cenas de los días que faltan hasta llegar al fin de semana. Cuando se tiene una vida laboral activa y aún más cuando hay niños suele ser una tarea difícil. Esta receta de avena al horno y toque de coco es un “Salva Desayunos”, que puede aliviarnos durante los días de trabajo porque es fácil de hacer y de transportar, y se puede refrigerar por varios días....more

Cherry Pineapple Crumble Pie

Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries Stuffed Bread

Every year a former colleague of my husband sends us a Christmas gift basket filled with a multitude of tantalizing foods. Last year was no exception. He sent us a basket filled with artisan cheeses. One of them was Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries....more

The best banana bread... ever!

I don’t like bananas, but I could eat this banana bread every day it’s so good. And it’s easy to make – especially when you have a fashionable little helper in an apron like I do.So, this is what you will need to make it. (The chocolate chips are optional. I add them because my husband loves them.)...more