My passion

So im feeling pretty strong about this new passion i have. I have come to love baking, now before i liked to bake, but it has gotten to the point where i love to do it every day. I love making home made butter cream icing and decorating everything all fancy. i feel so accomplished when im creating something for someone else....more
@victorias_view OMG i'm so excited Thank you! I just got a pic to load! and i think that sounds ...more

Tak for Mad: Abelskiver

Right now I'm suffering from a not-enough-hands-and-too-many-pies kind of situation.Maybe suffering is not the right word. Because I'm loving this time of life. Reveling in it.My desk is covered in books on photography, typography and cooking, crowded by an empty bottle of gin, a glass of iced tea, an unopened wedding invitation, business cards, watercolor paints and brushes, my journal, a bendable ruler, an empty picture frame and a cast iron skillet.My mess is gloriousand energizing.Why can't I just put my hands in pies for a living?...more

Low carb cheesecake

So I'm trying to come up with a low carb cheesecake. I LOVE carbs. I have such a hard time trying to stay away from them. So usually everyday I bake cupcakes or cake or a pie anything sweet that I can make for my hubby and kids. But the down side is I cant stay away from them!! So this morning I tried out making some banana cheese cake in muffin tins. Mind you i have never made cheesecake before. but it seemed like it wasn't going to be hard. Ive read plenty of cheesecake recipes before....more

My life in a NUTSHELL :o)

Everything in my life is basically one comedy show on most days. we have our ups and downs like any family but it is mostly ups. I love being a stay at home mom, and I love being a wife and I love baking and cooking for my family. It makes me feel whole. happy. like i'm being productive....more

S'more Brownies

 I love S'mores.  I love brownies.  I LOVE ME SOME S'MORE BROWNIES!!!!  How can you NOT love: a graham cracker crust, moist chocolatey brownies, and sweet marshmellow topping???? Prep Time:20 minCook Time:1 hr 0 minLevel:EasyServes:...more

Coffee Cake

I had an event at my house this weekend.  With more than four other people.This probably happens only a few times at my house during the year.  It gets me all fired up to clean, clean, clean.  And apparently now, to also bake, bake, bake....more

Dipping Bread

My parents took pity on me.I'm sure they suspected that I was existing on cereal, sandwiches, and breakfast cookies while Hubs was gone.  Therefore, they invited me and the youngest over for dinner.  (After I strongly hinted I needed to come over to eat.  And I wanted seafood.  Preferably shell-fish.  They're just nice like that.)Anyways, since they were going to be serving us King Crab legs (oh, yes, they went there - and it was good), I figured a nice daughter, who was learning to cook, should show up with something to contribute....more

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Banana Nut Breads {Gluten Free}

Banana bread is a comfort food, that for many people evoke some type of memory. For me, as soon as I smell it, I think of my great grandmother. She always made an amazing loaf, and I highly doubt any of us have recipe, because it was likely done from memory....more

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