How to saw off your arm with a tin can (and be taunted by carbs)

Last week, my friend Abby came across this interesting recipe for Bread in a can.Yes, you read that right. Bread. In a can. ...more

Chinese Soup for the Soul

At Chinese Soup for the Soul On the radio, legendary singer, Louis Armstrong croons, “What a wonderful world.” At the moment, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve stumbled upon some wonderful Chinese New Year recipes as well as an intriguing ancient Taoist method for maintaining harmony. ...more

la Buche de Noel

The history of one of the most famous French pastries can be traced back to Celtic tradition in celebration of the winter solstice.  On this day the Celts would search for a large piece of wood to burn as a symbol of the rebirth of the sun and a thanks for the suns return to the Earth. ...more

Here we go..Truly Scrumptious :) xx

Here we go again..Blog envy..While nursing a vile fluey winter bug for nearly a week ive been overdosing on click flicks and soppy romcoms..The film Julie and Julia grabbed my attention the most..although Gerard Butler is pretty special :) ...more

Rustic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, I need to brag a little.  It is a bit uncomfortable but … these chocolate chip cookies are really good!  They were so much fun to experiment with and I think I got just the right balance of sweetness.  Date and coconut sugars were both used so there is mild molasses flavor and the whole wheat flour really balances them out.  If you want them more cakey than cookie then don’t flatten them down as much as I did.  The cookie does not spread much in the pan.  Just the perfect little bites for that special moment you deserve. ...more

Butterscotch Pudding Gingerdoodle Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

What flavors pop into your mind when you think “Christmas”? Peppermint? Chocolate? Almond? I think each of us thinks has a different list that probably comes from the same place in our hearts—we remember fondly what we made around the holidays when we were growing up. In my home, we spent a day or two in the kitchen making treats and packaging them up for friends, neighbors, teachers and family, and I remember looking forward to this every year. ...more
These look delicious Cassie! I love gingerbread flavor!more

White Chocolate Cranberry Walnut Cookies

Happy December!! During Thanksgiving break I did alot of baking, cookies in particular for my Kids’ with Cancer bake sale. Our kitchen was overwhelmingly covered with cookies, cupcakes and brownies. I have never made these cookies before and I wasn’t really planning on making them but my mom had all the ingredients so naturally I decided to try them. Approving of the cookie batter, I immediately knew these would be a great hit not only at the bake sale, but with all my friends and family after thanksgiving as well. These are great for the holiday season because of the red color of the cranberries and the warming texture of the walnuts. I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I did, and you can even leave some for Santa!...more