Chewy Molasses-Spice Cookies

Candy-Cane Cupcakes

Cupcakes are my absolute  favourite things to make. I love piping, it’s the only art work I create (I’m a terrible drawer and painter), you can be so creative with them and there are so many possibilities for beautiful and tasty combinations.According to one of the lovely ladies in my mothers group, these are the BEST cupcakes I’ve made so far, and she’s eaten alllloooottt of my cupcakes, so that’s a good endorsement ;-). These are super delicious though, they aren’t overly sweet, the icing is soft and creamy and they are super festive, what more could you want....more

The Most Delectable Sugar Cookies

Are you in need of an amazing sugar cookie recipe? Look no further. ...more

White Chocolate Dipped GingerSnaps

There is just over a week left until Christmas! Thank goodness I have all my shopping done, the shopping malls are bonkers right now and I don’t really feel like bulldozing people with my pram....more

A Very Grinchy Cookie

Funny story about these cookies. I really wanted to put a red heart in the middle to be like the Grinches little heart (you know the one that grew 3 sizes) but I could not find red hearts anywhere! So I used red food dye to dye some white ones hehe, I was very committed to this bit.The cookies themselves are basically a red velvet cookie, or a green velvet…….. Grincy velvet? Whatever you want to call them they are tasty, just don’t eat them all in one sitting or your tummy may grow 3 sizes, or do, it’s probably worth it....more

Vegan spiced spelt pumpkin bread

Today, I made this stunning vegan pumpkin bread studded with yellow raisins, infused with an organic cinnamon, ginger & cardamom tea. Yummy, I assure you that! I made my bread not so sweet because I saw recipes on the internet that were stuffed with lots of sugar. I didn’t want that! :) So, I made this stunning & very appetizing pumpkin bread! This is great & tasty enjoyed with the same ginger, cinnamon & cardamom tea in your tea mug!  Check it out for yourself, my lovely ones! ;)...more

A Cold List

Today, for you, is a cold list.  That is, a list because I have a cold and I'm tired and can't come up with anything else.  NOT because it is cold outside.  Because it's totally not.  A balmy 66 degrees which feels hot compared to the 20 degree weather we had recently.  Anyway, on with the list....1) Paul finished the puzzle without me:...more

Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies

Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies are buttery and crisp – perfect for with a mug of hot cocoa on a cool day.Get the recipe HERE...more

Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownies #NaBloPoMo

Chocolate chip blonde brownies are classic, simple and irresistible!...more