Nutella Sticky Buns

Choc Chip Banana Muffins

These Choc Chip Banana Muffins did not last long. They were literally whipped up in about 10 minutes and probably consumed faster than that by a little four year old chocolate monster. And his dad....more

Looking for a festive breakfast or brunch? Look no further - Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast

* At Taste Tester's Kitchen we bake, taste test and rate the internet's most popular recipes on a scale of one to four chef hats, with a golden chef hat award for extraordinary recipes. This is one of our reviews....more

A Wedding Without Cake? I Think Not!

Who here loves cake? I know I do, and I certainly believe weddings deserve cakes....more

Baking Meringues: Step By Step Instruction

As we all know and taste already, Meringues are known to be one of the most delicious French bakery masterpieces.Interesting Things about Meringue...more

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings

  You know when you have that list of ingredients for a dish and there's that ONE ingredient that just does not seem to fit it?  You know, "one of these things is not like the other".  This is definitely one of those recipes.  We recently visited our local apple orchard and came home with an entire bag of amazing apples....more

Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan...Did I say Flan???

I like to bake.  I am not a super cook, but I can bake.  Mr. Handy on the other hand is pretty well rounded in the kitchen as he can cook and bake.  And I have figured out over the years that one of his love languages is cooking for his family.  So almost nightly he whips up an amazing meal for us and we delight in the way he shares his love for us!  Every once in awhile, I know when he is going for the heart with me because there is always a special dish that comes out of nowhere that just knocks me off my feet.  This was one of those moments. ...more

Am I an old lady baker?

You know - people have said to me that I have old lady taste when it comes to cakes.  At first I was offended, thinking of myself as an up to the minute woman in the prime of my life.  Then, I thought about it.  Thought about the cakes I love:- Scones- Spiced Walnut Loaf- Madeira Cake- Lemon Drizzle- Shortbread (ok, not really a cake, but I'm making a point here)- Mince Pies- Madelaines- Banana Loaf...more

Apple and Banana Mini Loaves - Gluten Free!

Apple and Banana Mini Loaves is an easy baking recipe and it is gluten free!!! These little loaves are perfect for straight out the oven, one for dessert and one for lunchboxes tomorrow! ...more