Southern cooking has a way of bringing family home and recalling fond memories of childhood.  Southern food is comfort food that reminds us of where we come from.  It is a silent bond that ties generations together and is the foundation of our heritage. ...more

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

One of our favorite treats are cupcakes. Who wouldn’t enjoy a personal cake to yourself? Apparently a lot of people do since there are cupcake shops sprouting up every where we look.  We came up with these cute hot chocolate cupcakes. They are the perfect treat. You can choose to top them with candies or not. Either way they are delicious. So we must admit, these were made with a box cake mix but the addition of a family secret, makes them amazing. The secret ingredient is…a pack of pudding. Add a pack of pudding to any cake mix you are making....more

More Coconut Cookies Please!

Scottish Shortbread

 This week we will be celebrating Robert Burns birthday, 25th January and we will be hosting a Burns Supper, SupperClub, here at our home in France, a number of friends book to come along to our 'underground restaurant' to enjoy the various meals/menus that we create.This week we have 17 people joining us for Burns Supper, 11 of them French and they want to try Haggis (national dish of Scotland), I will post the details of the menus and recipes later in the week as I prepare them for Saturday evening....more

Italian Meringue

This is the recipe for Italian Meringue, it has many uses as it is more stable than the typical French Meringue, as the egg whites are 'cooked' due to the hot sugar syrup.You'll need...more

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

 So this week I was invited to a friends house, she was hosting a Candle Party. A good excuse to have a few friends around for a nice afternoon, you can sit and enjoy the show,  do a little bit of shopping and of course for the host she can earn some money....more

Chinese Almond Cookies To Prepare For Chinese New Year

I’ve actually wanted to make peanut cookies, because I personally savour the fragrance of peanuts more than that of almond. But! Surprise! Surprise! The lack of ground peanuts here, plus a reluctance on my part to grind the nuts myself with a pestle and mortar, has allowed us to enjoy 2 other types of lip-smacking cookies which we would otherwise not have thought of making. How I love life’s little surprises and the blessings in disguise....more

What type of cook are you?

So, the new year is one week old - how many resolutions have you broken? Did your Dry-uary non-drinking pledge hit a stumbling block at the weekend? Did you lose track of how many calories you were counting once they hit double digits? Did you have an unfortunate episode with Lycra that's put you off ever associating with it in public again? ...more

No Fuss Banana Bread

It was a bitterly cold morning in Northern Iowa, which seems to be the way 2014 is going to start out.  TJ and I had spent much of the morning playing, and I had been able to get some laundry and cleaning done, while stll fitting in a short 25 minute workout.  The temperatures on this particular day seemed warm compared to what we had and would be seeing…a mild 10 degrees or so....more