You got pretzel on my bagel! You got bagel on my pretzel!

It’s a pretzel-bagel/bagel-pretzel. Either way it’s yum-tastic....more

Like Buttah(scotch)

Butterscotch is my errything, and you can expect to see it’s delightfully burnt sienna self popping up from time to time as the mercury begins to dip. But what isbutterscotch exactly? And what makes it different from caramel and toffee, you ask?...more

Crispy, Tasty, Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers

If you love cheese or any snack about cheese, you must try this recipe. Full of cheese flavor, very crispy and tasty. Once you start, you can’t stop! It is that good!...more
Charis Passey can I hv this one when go to Manchester ? Thanks \U0001f606\U0001f606more

Soft Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Autumn season is coming so quickly. Pumpkin, pears, apples will be filling our homes.  Definitely lots of baking pumpkin cookies, apple cakes or pumpkin pies.I love this season. I like spending time with my children on the pumpkin farm, dressing up for Halloween and bake in my kitchen....more

Attention Butterscotch Lovers!!

ATTENTION BUTTERSCOTCH LOVERS!!These oatmeal cookies are not your ordinary oatmeal cookies, they have a hint of cinnamon and are full of butterscotch chips. You know I don't make a lot of desserts, but from time to time I do it because folks are coming over that will help us eating whatever it is I decide to make. I had the opportunity to bake these cookies again when we our neighbors over for supper last month....more

Loved the Discontinued Starbucks Sausage Croissant? This Recipe's for You

I always loved the now-discontinued Starbucks sausage roll — I don't know why, but pastry with sausage meat is so delicious. And I can't believe it is THIS easy to make them at home! (Also, my sausage rolls are much better!)...more

Chocolate-Cherry Filled Cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry-Filled Cheesecake...more

Strawberry Muffins

Super moist, light and delicious muffin, without butter. Super easy to make, no mixer needed. Perfect for breakfast and tea time!...more