Not So Healthy Cake Batter Cookies

Here at T2B, we are really into cooking and baking for our family and friends. On Pinterest, we found these down right devilish cookies and had to give them a try. These were a hit with our family & friends and hopefully they will bring the same happiness to yours! These cookies are a great gift to give or bring to a party hence the name ‘Cake Batter’ can you say delicious? ...more

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake I stole this recipe from a good friend (and a blog reader) because it's so unbelievably yummy I had to. Thanks Julie! This is the perfect sweet breakfast treat or snack...I also like it with my afternoon coffee (yes, guilty of sweet tooth while E is taking a nap)....more

Why reluctant, for goodness sake?

My husband and I have been vegetarians for many years, way back when the revolutionary cookbook, Diet for a Small Planet,  first came into being. So it’s been a long time. We were both raised on the typical American Baby Boomer diet of canned everything, processed-to-nutritional-death quick foods, meat at all meals and Jello. The beginnings were interesting, to say the least, but after all the years we definitely have it down and raised our three kids that way. We didn’t eat animal flesh but included dairy and eggs....more

Baking – Cinnamon and Sugar Soft Pretzels 30 MAR

I love pretzels, not the hard salty variety but the soft cinnamon and sugar variety. They’re soft and delicious and cinnamon is without a doubt one of my favourite spices. I often grab one during a shopping trip. But at £3 a pop they aren’t the cheapest snack. So what better thing to make on a lazy Sunday morning. I experimented with a few different recipes but most of them came out hard on the outside instead of soft but then I cracked it and found a recipe that works perfectly....more

Vanilla Fondant – Does It Matter If It’s Black Or White?

The idea came from the guy. He was munching on the chocolate fondant just the week before and asked me how the dessert would turn out if I’d used white instead of dark chocolate…No wonder so many Michelin star chefs are hunter-gathering males. I take my hat off my antitheses....more

Bacon Bliss!

Today, I ate Bacon-beautiful, crisp, baked to crunchy perfection-BACON!This is the first time I have eaten a piece of bacon(other than soy) in 24-yes I said it24 years!!I became a vegetarian 24 years ago, not vegan-just lacto-ovo. I never thought I would EVER eat meat again......but then again...there are alot of things I never thought I would do.......more

Tasty Tuesday: Banana Cookies

I first made these cookies when I was carb-loading before my first half marathon. I needed something healthy, not too heavy and full of carbs (these guys have 19 g of carbs in them!). I can't remember the exact place that I found the recipe for can Google them and literally find hundreds of them (so I'm sorry if this is a repeat). My husband loves these for breakfast (or a snack while he's working) and E calls them "Nanner cookies." They are 3 ingredients...yep, that's it!To get the recipe, visit:

What are We Eating Wednesday? 14 Valentine’s Day Treats!

 In elementary school as soon as the pink and red Valentine paraphernalia appeared on the Eckerd shelves I spent all of my kid effort trying to get my parents to get cards and candy for me to take to school.  I have such fond memories when I look at these… ...more


Southern cooking has a way of bringing family home and recalling fond memories of childhood.  Southern food is comfort food that reminds us of where we come from.  It is a silent bond that ties generations together and is the foundation of our heritage. ...more