Second Trans Woman Murdered in Baltimore

More terrible news from Baltimore – the murder of 26-year-old Mia Henderson, a trans woman of color whose body was discovered Wednesday.  From Parker Molloy at The Advocate:...more

Big Truck Day (aka the BEST Day of Jack’s Life)

For those of you with toddlers/who had toddlers at some point/or who know toddlers, you know that trucks are kind of a big deal.Jack is OBSESSED with trucks and no car ride is complete without him pointing out trucks, tow trucks, big trucks or tractors. Every. Single. Car ride.So when my friend suggested we join her and her kids for the Baltimore City Big Truck Day this past weekend, I knew that Jack would never forgive me if I passed this up....more
Denise Thanks Denise! =)more

A fitness sanctuary ... literally

A beautiful old cathedral turned personal training haven? Sign me up!Keep reading at DistrictSweats. ...more

Cutest Graphic Sweaters


Burning questions for your everyday life...

I had a few questions burning into the cavities of my unquenchable yet still attractive soul;...more

How come hurricane irene hit Baltimore?

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A Hurricane

It was after two weeks, I had three days until I left for the city, I was at my mailbox getting a letter from the superintendent's office in Baltimore, with a greenish white substitute teaching card plus a form with his copied signature stamped from his office in the envelope. It was hot, muggy outside; I was ignoring the heavy air pressure, the clouds were circulating lots of it above the corrugated dented metal roof slanting to the side on my unit....more

believing in Baltimore.

Sigh.  It is articles like this that make it so incredibly hard to convince anyone that there is beauty in Baltimore, and most likely any city for that matter....more