Coaching Young Girls in Sports

Angles and Style!!!

       Holy hell I did it again..... I fell off. I am 2 days behind. But unlike the ...more

When My Basketball Story Went Viral

A crazy, unexpected thing happened to me last week.  One of my articles went viral. ...more

A Letter to Wisconsin Men's Basketball Team After Losing to Duke

 Dear Badger Men's Basketball team, I am not a lifelong basketball fan.  I am just a woman, old enough to be your mother, who doesn't  even follow sports. You changed all that....more

Whose got spirit!

I was a cheerleader in college and for the first couple of years of school I didn't really interact with basketball players outside of games. I dabbled my junior and senior year.  ...more

Is the Position Of Point Guard Overrated?

Now's The TIme to Trade Rajon Rondo/Jeff Green

The Celtics are currently right at the beginning of a the rebuilding process as the trade deadline approaches. The team is struggling as expected but need to make a deal at the trade deadline. No matter what the Celtics record may be they need to trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green at the trade deadline before they lose value....more

Should Celtics Retire Big 3's Numbers