Angles and Style!!!

       Holy hell I did it again..... I fell off. I am 2 days behind. But unlike the ...more

When My Basketball Story Went Viral

A crazy, unexpected thing happened to me last week.  One of my articles went viral. ...more

A Letter to Wisconsin Men's Basketball Team After Losing to Duke

 Dear Badger Men's Basketball team, I am not a lifelong basketball fan.  I am just a woman, old enough to be your mother, who doesn't  even follow sports. You changed all that....more

Whose got spirit!

I was a cheerleader in college and for the first couple of years of school I didn't really interact with basketball players outside of games. I dabbled my junior and senior year.  ...more

Now's The TIme to Trade Rajon Rondo/Jeff Green

The Celtics are currently right at the beginning of a the rebuilding process as the trade deadline approaches. The team is struggling as expected but need to make a deal at the trade deadline. No matter what the Celtics record may be they need to trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green at the trade deadline before they lose value....more