Honeymoon in Beaches

Having a lot of couples choose the beach for the honeymoon, especially young couples, and the couple lives in the city.However, there are little Vietnamese resorts which have honeymoon package on their services. Of course, traveling with your honey is a special and romantic trip already but if you book a honeymoon tour, you'll have more special treats than the other guests. Furthermore, the resort will spend private place for you....more


I love the beach with kids. On our first attempt driving to Splish Splash earlier this summer, my sister and brother in law took the kids to Oyster Beach. It was towards dusk so we didn’t get to go in the water, but it was still a fun day....more

Summer Guide: What To Do In The Hamptons

The CapriHeading East? Here’s Our Summer Guide In The Hamptons ...more

The Mystery of the Sea

This morning we decided to go and collect some sea-shells. My ultimate aim is to paint these shells gold and silver and perhaps make a little jewellery box. But, as I’m not the most crafty at the best of times, this may or may not happen. I’m sure the shells will be painted and an attempt may be made at the jewellery box but I imagine the image in my head will be nothing like the reality!...more

Loving Life

I am cookinginthejungle.com  This is an article I wrote for International Living https://internationalliving.com...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 2

Day two of an online photo challenge on Facebook:There's something about logs on the beach that I love to photograph. I like their texture. I like to imagine their story of how they traveled from some wooded area and fell into a river, then were carried downstream to the ocean where they might have floated a long distance before landing on the beach. They might even still float away at high tide to another destination. ...more

Nautical Bachelorette Party // Activities & Decorations

The bachelorette party I attended last weekend was so amazing, that I had to split all the amazing ideas into two posts! If you missed the first, which was all about the Sweets and Swag, check it out here.This post is dedicated to all the activities that went on during the week, as well as the decorations that adorned the house. If you are planning on throwing a nautical bachelorette party, make sure to check some of these great ideas out!...more

Summer Beach Cookies

Packing Checklist for the Beach

I know many of you are going on beach vacations this summer so I thought I'd share the list that I used when packing. We haven't been to the beach since having kids, and let me tell you, the list has doubled...at least....more