Nautical Bachelorette Party // Activities & Decorations

The bachelorette party I attended last weekend was so amazing, that I had to split all the amazing ideas into two posts! If you missed the first, which was all about the Sweets and Swag, check it out here.This post is dedicated to all the activities that went on during the week, as well as the decorations that adorned the house. If you are planning on throwing a nautical bachelorette party, make sure to check some of these great ideas out!...more

Summer Beach Cookies

Packing Checklist for the Beach

I know many of you are going on beach vacations this summer so I thought I'd share the list that I used when packing. We haven't been to the beach since having kids, and let me tell you, the list has least....more

The Rise Of Nude Beaches: Uncovering A Colorful Past

Nude beaches have become a fixture across Europe and the Americas in the past century, as travelers seek out spots where they can enjoy nature and the water clothes-free. For supporters, the beaches are safe and supportive places to feel closer to nature and a part of community. For visitors, they offer an experience that encourages participants to feel comfortable with their bodies and unbound by material culture. But how did nude beaches get popular in the first place? And where are the best to go?An Olympic Past...more

Downeast Maine in the Summer

I realized Friday when I did my impromptu 5 on Friday post.  That, while I talk frequently of Maine and my childhood.  I haven't really done it justice.  I think a lot of that is because even when I go home nowadays, I don't think of it like an "out-of-towner" might....more

It's BACK!!!!

Almost fell over the other day when I saw the glorious aqua bottles sitting there on the shelf. Felt like a mirage in the desert. Could it be???...more

Definitely Goa

Things to DEFINITELY do in GOA in an all girls trip ;) Definitely 1.Buy a bikini. Goa has all kinds of beaches, few in which you can wear a bikini and few in which you might feel a little out of place. So, skip the afternoons and the overcrowded evenings. Try the early morning beach in a bikini in Baga or Calangute, feel the cold ocean in a fluorescent bikini. Nothing like the morning sea caressing you. Bliss! ...more

It's 40 Degrees, Let's go to the Beach!

It’s in the low 50s during the day and mid 30s at night. Cold snap California style, so of course, we should go to the beach!We were off to Half Moon Bay. Sea salty air. Long lines of sandy beaches. Shelling. Clam chowder with a dash or two hot sauce. Endless rolling of waves in and out.Sunlight low. Breezes cool. Water icy. Less crowded than the crowds of summer. Peaceful. Plentiful in discovery....more

Vacation. Not There!

Friday’s prompt asks where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?Vacation. I’ve heard of that, I’ve even done that a time or two, but it’s been awhile. Weekend getaways are sort of my vacations anymore, but this is the blogosphere and I can go on a vacation anytime I want, to anywhere, without restrictions (you can too). Let that sink in.Go ahead, I’ll wait.Time off at work doesn’t matter…Money doesn’t matter…(we’ll charge the blogosphere)...more
patriciaappelquist Wouldn't that be super?! I'll take everyone on that card. ;)more

Indiana Dunes National Seashore

Indiana Dunes National Seashore …...more