Fall Beauty Forecast

While most of the country is grasping on to those last few days of summer, here in Miami we will pretty much be enjoying “summer” at least until daylight savings time. :-) However,  that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about trying out some new makeup for the upcoming months....more

How to Fill Your Makeup Bag for Under $50

When it comes to shopping, I like to save money where I can. I rarely to never buy clothing full-priced, unless it’s at a store that’s low-cost to start with. I’m even more stingy when it comes to shopping for makeup. Sure, I love makeup as much as the next girl. My lipstick collection could rival any woman I know. But I just can’t justify the high end makeup costs that so many women pay these days. I cringe when I walk through Sephora and gasp when I hear the cost of a makeup palette or bottle of foundation. Drugstores and Target are my makeup havens....more

a little bit of shimmer - GNO makeup tutorial

Last night, I attended the Modern Beauty 2015 event hosted by Style Chicago (I promise to have a recap soon!). Being the mom of two boys, I rarely have the chance to go out on a weeknight.  I seized this opportunity to go downtown and made a fun night of it with my sister-in-law. (Their wedding isn't until next summer but I've claimed her as my sister-in-law before they were even engaged - that's how much I adore her!)...more

Straightening My Hair is Not Cultural Appropriation

I remember watching TV cross-legged on the floor, held captive between my mom’s thighs, I remember her mercilessly yanking the comb through my tight coils. I remember all the cartoons that I burned through as I memorized the pattern on the burgundy rug as she attempted to conquer my mane. I remember crying in the bathtub, blindly reaching for a washcloth as shampoo dripped from my unruly strands, burning my eyes. As a child I did not wash my hair everyday—this came as something of a shock to my white friends—and on the days that I did, it was an excruciating ordeal....more

Makeup, Beauty and Being a "Bad Feminist"

“To wear, or not to wear makeup: that is the question.” – Hamlet Me....more

The Prettiest Girl in the Universe

Lorelei is all about making videos lately.  She has her own YouTube channel, with a weekly posting schedule, and she has custody of my iPhone more than I do.  Today she was telling me that she no longer enjoys watching the videos made by one of her subscribers, because they all involve makeup, whether she is putting it on her American Girl dolls or herself."You know what I really don't like, Mommy?" Lorelei asked me. "Before she puts on her makeup, she says 'Ugly!'  And she isn't ugly."...more

My Issue With “Real Women” Ad Campaigns

  I love seeing ad campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty and Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel, and I applaud them for using women of different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities to market their brands. I also find singer Megan Trainor and her smash hit “All About That Bass” uplifting and refreshing. But these messages are incomplete....more

Inspired by Biscotti

June Favorites: Beauty/ Non Beauty

Hi Lovelies, Okay, I know I dont usually do post about my favorites in anything but, fashion, but June has definitely been a month of favorites, and I cant wait to share my beauty faves and non beauty faves❤❤ PhotoGrid_1436292173740 BEAUTY FAVORITES:...more