What your skin says about you

If your skin just a casing for the rest of you, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as useful and important as it actually is. As an organ itself (your body’s largest organ), your skin is there to protect you from all kinds of nasties such as bacteria and other foreign bodies but it also has a number of other very important roles to play:– It regulates body temperature.– It delivery sensory information to your brain: pain, pleasure, hot, cold.– It will give you warning signs that everything isn’t as it should be internally....more

Coping With Hair Loss

A woman’s self-esteem can be severely shaken with the advent of hair loss, this can be seen as an opportunity for an overdue reinvention....more

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

If you follow these steps and remain respectful of the fact that this is a treatment that requires fully trained expertise, you will get the results you’re hoping for....more

6 Beauty Secrets You Probably Haven't Heard Of

As a new year approaches, one of your resolutions may be to discover some new beauty secrets that will make you even more gorgeous. Whether it's a dull complexion or dry, brittle hair, the good news is that there are plenty of beauty secrets you can use that will let you stand out in a crowd. If you're tired of the same old beauty tips and are seeking something new, here are six fabulous ways to look great in 2017.Argan Oil...more

The complete guide to bright winter skin

To fight the dullness of winter. Here’s our picks to brighten your skin. FOR THE DAYLeMieux skin brightening cleanser and toner set...more

Let Your Smile Speak For You – The importance of a confident smile

As the song goes, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.  A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear, and an honest, confident and pearly white smile can absolutely change the way people look at you. But why? To find out the importance of a white smile, the reasons behind it and our top tips to easily whiten your teeth, keep reading!Why is a Pearly White Smile so Important?...more