Mommy Makeover :: From Frumpy to Fabulous Beauty Tips

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing Steph, a stay-at-home mom's makeup.   While Steph is a natural beauty, as a wife and mother of three, she rarely has the opportunity to try a more glamorous look.   So we spent a Sunday afternoon glamming her up a bit....more

4 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil


Amazing Fashion 2015 For Girls & Women

I am working on latest fashion trends for girls and women. You can see the outstanding information about hairstyles 2015, beauty tips, and online dresses. Also seen the health ideas about men's and women.

Broke-Girl Beauty: Why Baby Shampoo is the Best Face Wash

I have spent the last decade of my life as an endless tester of face wash products. I have naturally sensitive skin, and in my younger years I tended toward acne—never heavy, but I always thought even one zit was one too many. I’ve bought pretty much every kind they sell at the drugstore, Target, and Wal-Mart. I’ve had expensive, chemical-infused ones prescribed to me by dermatologists. I’ve bought them off TV. I’ve tried home remedies like baking-soda scrubs and all different kinds of oils. But the best face wash I ever used, I stumbled upon by accident: baby shampoo....more

A Quick & Easy Way to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for the Liquid Eyeliner Impaired Like Me

I am impaired when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner. It never goes on right, I end up with blotchy areas, too much here, too little there. ...more

5 Awesome Beauty Cheats You Probably Didn’t Know

I was chatting to my girlfriends the other night about girly-girl things, you know those nights: red wine, cheese and chocolate (also known as cheat day) … usually sporting an "around-the-house look" with messy buns, baggy t-shirts and leggings. While playing with bright summer lipsticks, we got to talking about beauty cheats, and I was really surprised that some of them hadn’t heard of these five beauty cheats. I was compelled to write it up and share it with you — enjoy!...more
Baby powder also works well as a replacement for dry shampoo x

Autumn Eye and Lip Look

I'm not a makeup artist, so I don't really do makeup tutorials on my beauty blog. But I was inspired by my autumn sweater to create an autumn eye and lip look from the makeup in my stash. I got a mini-eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics in my July ipsy bag, and I hadn't used it much. Well, the 3 shades in that California Collection palette were just perfect for an autumn eye. Check out the shades and products in my blogpost....more

Anti-aging Makeup Application Tips

10 easy anti-aging makeup application tips from Daily Glow, including stuff I never thought of  like applying lots of black mascara to upper lashes and one coat of brown on the lower lashes to create emphasis upward away from droopy eyes....more

15 Beauty Tips in a Pinch!

You know those moments when you run out of your go-to item for looking good and you need it right now?  No time to run to the store and there are no stores nearby.  Trying to save a few dollars on beauty and personal care products? Here are some some beauty tips in a pinch!  These are all extremely affordable alternatives. ...more

How to Get rid of Frizz & Tangles

It was recently brought to my attention that a dear friend of mine had sat in my stylist's chair for many years and I had neglected to tell her of a certain hair product that would change her life! Are you laughing? It's ok if you are--I know it sounds crazy. Let me see if this describes you or your daughters: ...more