Choosing the Right Incision for Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Before breast implant surgery you'll need to settle on a decision about the incision placement. Different types of incisions work better for different patients and implants. You'll work with your surgeon to decide the best placement for your incision....more

60 and FABULOUS.....Starting My New Decade

Well, it has been a little while (perhaps over a year) since I have posted anything.....I have been so busy in my day to day life that I simply got out of the groove. With the New Year having started I am hoping to be a "regular" again in the blogging world.....I wanted to come across with a different topic beyond just my Wisdom that I normally write on. ...more

The Best Facial Machine for Home Use and The Side Effect

The Best at Home  Facial Machine and The Side EffectAs published on journalbeauty, Radio frequency machine can be the cool substituted solution for those dealing the early stage of sagging facial skin but too nervous and hesitated to undergo liposuction. Although it doesn’t involve surgical method, it turns out that the usage of radio frequency device in facial skin still harbor some risks. Consider these possible risks before you eventually opt to get a radio frequency device for the facial skin!...more


 Beautylex is a social site that helps women as well as men in various aspects to make them beautiful, attractive and pretty.  Different makeup tutorials, treatment for skin and face problems as well as various do it yourself methods are present in this wonderful educating site so that the person can enhance beauty by using the amazing tips present on the site.Beautylex: do it yourself tutorials....more

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Caffeine

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of CaffeineSkin care and beauty products have been one of the most talked about topics among women of all ages. In their early twenties, they desire an acne-free skin, while in their late twenties they desire fresh-looking skin after a very hectic and tiring day at the office. Women who’ve been approaching the middle ages demand wrinkle reducing and anti-aging skin care product....more

Ugly, Fat, Hairy Feminists

The reason most feminists are ugly, fat, and hairy is that most feminists are old.  That is, over forty.  And there are two good reasons for this.  The first is that most living feminists became feminists in the 70s when it was ‘in the air’ and, therefore, easier to be convinced that women are subordinated in our society.  That means they were at least in their late teens in the 70s, which means they’re around fifty or sixty now. ...more

Acne Update: New Skincare Routine

Hi All, It's been awhile since I have done a skincare post because I have been going through a transition period as I have started a new regimen and my skin went through a purge. I literally about gave up a few times but, I stuck it out and its paid off....more

What's in That Dermal Filler? An Ingredient Breakdown

If you haven't tried injectable fillers yet, you're missing out. In a quick in-office treatment, these products can fill out wrinkles and add volume to the face and certain areas of the body, creating a youthful fullness without the worry of scarring or surgical recovery time. But do you ever wonder what's in them? Let's take a closer look....more

10 Must-Haves in Your Make-Up Bag

Your makeup bag is a sacred domain of beauty and bliss, and nothing is more terrifying than not having exactly what you need when you need it. This list breaks down the most important items to keep handy in your makeup bag for all occasions, so you’re never stuck empty-handed or bare-eyed again. 1.   Mascara...more

5 Types of Beards and Mustaches and What They Tell About You

According to Psychologist Robert J. Pellegrini, there will always be a beard trying to crop up on every clean-shaven man. However, not all the facial hair is equal. Every style has its personal indicators, and any person who has rocked more than a clean-shaven is conversant with the mustache power....more