Advice For My Teenage Daughter (I Wish Someone Had Given Me This List)

I have an amazing daughter. She is brilliantly smart, funny, and strong.  She is quick-witted and confident.  She got straight As her first semester of public high school, dazzling her teachers with her brainpower.  She's a brown belt in karate and a voracious reader.  Like I said, she is amazing. She is also frighteningly I freak out as her mother and kinda sorta want to lock her in a tower Rapunzel-style. ...more

Beverly Hills Does Beauty #TargetStyle

When you are invited to spend the afternoon at a private residence in Beverly Hills... you go!...more

The Truth About Waxing!

So you've decided to brave the waxing experience. For whatever the reason, be it a hot date or a tropical vacation, you've made the decision to endure the pain of having your hair ripped from the follicles of your skin. Sounds horrible does it? Well, it's not so bad. I've been waxing ladies and gents for the last 6 years and found that it is easy to make the experience less terrifying and more satisfying! Don't think it's possible? Well here are some tips and advice for making your visit somewhat enjoyable. ...more
Great post! I do wax, but for last few months have been doing laser treatments (the jury is ...more

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Body

You may remember my post about the beautiful Tasha Hussey Jewelry...she sent me a beautiful green and white ring that I just adore. Well, after that post, Tasha asked me if she could send me some of her body products. And of course I said I would love to try them out! I was thrilled when the mail arrived and she sent two soaps for me and 3 for my sweet E! When I opened the package, I could smell how amazing these soaps were....more

anti aging tips and tricks

May Hair and Beauty Goals...Working On Me & My Blog

I love setting goals each month in areas where I would like to see improvement. By posting them on my blog, it is a way for me to be accountable and forces me to do my best to reach each goal.  I title it hair and beauty goals but it includes those thing that makes us beautiful in other ways....more

Summoning the Enchantress

An Amazing Product for Cooking and Beauty

We love all natural remedies and keeping our bodies as healthy as possible, so today were going to let you in on a little secret that has now just started to become more mainstream as a beauty product. The ingredient of all ingredients is…drum roll please…coconut oil! Who knew that this fruit was so diverse? You can drink the coconut water and you can eat the coconut meat, which all have nutritional benefits. What we are more focused on today are the many uses of the oil that comes from coconuts....more

Fairy Wings Nail Tutorial

This sparkly manicure is easy to do and perfect for glitter lovers.  Some of the nail polish I used is no longer available but you can use similar colors.  This manicure is all about layering, so have fun and don't worry about being perfect....more