Is A Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Bad for Your Skin?

I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and have no plans to start eating meat any time soon. Am I hurting my skin with this dietary choice? What's the the truth about skin health and food? ...more
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Do you define your beauty based on Men’s compliments?

Some women receive compliments from men in a very fragile manner. This article is not directed to all women, but just the ones that do as described. They just can’t seem to seem to take a compliment merely as a valued an opinion. I have witnessed close friends and associates of mine who take compliments and pick up lines from random male strangers way too literal and personal. If the man is says something negative to them about their appearance, they allow the comment to threatened their esteem....more
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Just Look at Yourself

I've been scanning pictures for a few days again, after taking a few months off. A daunting task, to be sure - there are hundreds and hundreds of prints that need to be identified and filed. It can't be done all at once - a few days here, a few days there. But it was more than that, this time. More than just the work....more
What breaks my heart is that I tore pictures because I didn't like myself in them. Little did I ...more

Spring Makes Me Feel Beautiful; A lesson in seasonal self-esteem

Spring rejuvenates me more than any other season.  Yes, I am one with nature and when April shows up, I focus on the positive.  One could say that you shouldn’t wait for spring to do that.  And I totally agree!  However, the warmer fresh air heavy with the fragrance of life along with the bright robust colors of new blossoms make me glad to be alive.  I diagnose myself with spring fever.  And, I love it!!  ...more
 @elaineR.N. Thank you, Elaine. I need to work on our gardens. I don't think it is ready for ...more

Nuggets of Truth in Samantha Brick’s ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful' Piece

Many have gotten their knickers in a bunch over journalist Samantha Brick’s piece about the downsides of being a pretty girl.  Namely, she says other women are mean to her because they’re jealous.Naturally, this has sparked a firestorm of criticism, mostly aimed at if she’s hot or not. Some of the comments are down right ugly. But she touches on something that I’ve seen happen....more
Well said! I agree there were nuggets of truth in what she said and I was trying to work out if ...more

mirror, mirror on the wall

It is funny, how our minds work.  Without fail, ever since I read my friend, Darcie’s post last year, about how a simple eyebrow wax went terribly wrong, I can’t lay down on the waxing table without thinking of her fiasco. ...more
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I give you permission to call them STUPID

You don't owe it to the world to be pretty, to be attractive, to dress like they tell you to dress. You don't owe it to the world to wear the color they say is "cute" on you, or the shape they say is flattering for your figure. ...more
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Rebirth, Renewal, Rejuvenation - April Newsletter 2012

 REBIRTH, RENEWAL, REJUVENATION I have the best job in the world! Meet Rosie Pope, the star of Pregnant in Heels, a very popular TV show on Bravo TV. I had the privilege of being on set with her and what a trooper she is! Not only is she eight months pregnant, she has two boys under the age of four. She's elegant, serene and so very sweet. She's having a girl!...more