Points to Consider While Buying an Essential Oil Specifically for Health Benefits

Oils are used in different format; they are widely used for cooking, in the form of cosmetics and even medicines. Oil basically is nothing but the extract which is collected after distillation of water, steam of the natural extract of various vegetables,flowers and even fruits.It is quite a complicated process to attain essential oils which are full of fragrance and healthy components....more


 “Piece of sh*t!” I growled, giving the cord one last yank before the blinds came crashing down. I was late for church and did not have time for this…well, like I said before....more

Ride or Die Makeup Tag

This post is brought to you in part by too much caffeine and a late night YouTube binger.  ...more

Back to School Emergency Kit for Fashionistas

My heart beats a little bit faster when I see Target setting up its back to school section. Notebooks and pencils and binders, oh my! While I don’t miss being in school, I do miss stocking up on school supplies, or at least I miss the excuse of school for splurging on those supplies. Now, I just feel slightly guilty when I load my cart with 50 cent notebooks and 99 cent pen packs I don’t really need but will totally use… eventually....more

OPI And Kerry Washington Create Nail Collection

Actress Kerry Washington as well as the character she plays on ABC’s TV series “Scandal”, Olivia Pope illustrate the essence of the Nation’s Capital of women: Bold, powerful and a force to be reckoned....more

When Your Crush is Taken

Have you ever liked someone and found out that they already have a boyfriend or girlfriend.?  Your dream guy or girl is right there in front of your face, but unfortunately they are already taken. Like most or some of us can relate to, this is basically the story of our life....more