Simple Beauty: DIY Seaweed Scrub

When I was in Ireland, I treated myself to a seaweed body scrub at one of the bath houses I visited. It was an invigorating and inspiring treatment - I felt so good after that scrub; like my skin was glowing. I think about it often....more

Look Younger-It's Worth The Effort!

For some reason, I feel compelled to share my tips to look 10 years younger on a good day, 5 years younger on a bad day.  Is it easy?  HELL....more

Can Fashion Be Feminist?


Olympic Neon + The Vanity: TRIND.

If Jem (of Hologram fame) went dressed as an Olympic figure skater for Halloween, she would wear this dress. J.Lo totally wore this first (and better, truthfully, because homegirl’s body is crazy) on an episode of Idol, I believe. I had to have it because it was a) super affordable and b) super ridiculous. Also known as my fave fashion combo. Jem might call it outrageous, and I’d agree....more

Beauty Must-Haves

 One thing you'll soon learn about me is that I have a love for makeup and beauty products of any kind. It's a serious problem. The other serious problem is that I am seriously cheap! I'm not one to spend a lot willingly on myself, but every once in a while, I get a little crazy....more

Dressing Confidently

(image source)...more

10 Mani-Pedi Colors to try on

People love to lacquer their nails with eccentric colors just to make their nails look beautiful. These days, a wide array of trendy mani-pedi colors is available in the market. Some of the top brands come out with an excellent range of nail lacquers. One can look beautiful from head to toe just by applying some appealing colors. These days, nail art has also gained widespread popularity. Stylish and chic girls love to experiment with different colors and shades and embellishments to make nails look more beautiful. Patterned decals are also used complimenting nails beautifully....more

should you get microdermabrasion?

About a week ago, I got my first microdermabrasion treatment. I previously mentioned in my post about anti-aging that I had been considering microderm for awhile. I'm nearly 32 (argh), so I just want to proactive with my approach to skincare, but not do anything too crazy....more
I did that a long time ago but I might do again but in the winter.  I'm out in the sun a lot ...more