A Smile Can Get You Everywhere

Do you want to get noticed in the workplace and/or in the dating world?  A great smile is the easiest way to attract attention.  With a simple smile you can exude confidence, happiness and an openness to new ideas or concepts.  You want your smile to be natural and appealing.  Practice smiling in front of a mirror so you are comfortable and relaxed when smiling.  You don’t want to look like you are trying to hard or that smiling is unnatural for you.  Here are 2 instances when a smile can open the proverbial doors in your career or love life....more

Let's Get Cheeky

People always talk about their secret favorite beauty products. You know, those cult products that you have used for years, can’t live without, and sometimes you keep the fabulousness of said product to yourself because you don’t want to share you secret. Well today I am sharing one of my favorite products for Spring/Summer. It’s called Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss, by Australian makeup artist, Rosie Jane Johnston....more

How To Cure Brown Spots Around The Eyes

Over the past few years, I have been developing a brown discoloration around my eyes. It started at the lower eye lid, but now covers most of my upper eyelid as well. Concealer and make-up doesn't really cover it. So I did some research and discovered it's cause and a cure....more

Spring/Summer Hair Trends 2014

Fashion week gave us an inside scoop, with their spring collections, on what the trendy hairstyles will be for the warm weather seasons. These hair trends are great to take your flat and boring hair to a new level. Texture in the spring and summer is and will always be trendy, because of the beachy look it gives. Another  great tip to give your flat hair a different edge is by parting it differently. Popular parts this spring are the middle and deep side part.  Twisted Up-Dos...more
I am a hair person. My hair is thick and wavy, I always wanted it to be straight. I change it ...more

NEW YORK TO PARIS.....Parties, Gala Balls, and Beauty Tips That Really Work ! BY RENEE ASHLEY BAKER


Beautiful-Glowing-Skin Smoothie

There are lots of healthy juices and smoothies on the market that claim to give beautiful glowing skin results.  But they usually come at a healthy price point. But don't worry.  It's easy to make your own Beauty Juice Smoothie at home in your own blender....more

Antioxidants For Your Skin

 I was looking at some of the products in my bathroom the other day and I thought "Wow. You're obsessed with antioxidants!"...more

What's in my BirchBox | February 2014 Edition

Benefit Big Easy...more
briony skerjance EstheticGoddess  No I have never heard of it before! I am a skin and hair care ...more