Organic Microdermabrasion

 Organic Microdermabrasiion has to be one of my all time favourite treatments....more

When Female Celebrities Have the Nerve to Have "Flaws"

BREAKING NEWS: Human Celebrities Recently Caught *Actually* Looking Like Humans! I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you this: but celebrities — yes, even the like, SUPER pretty ones — ARE in fact humans.  Humans with pores and wrinkles and imperfections and EW, pimples even!  ...more

My Magical Mascara

This. Is. It. I have found the perfect mascara and I am OBSESSED with it.Like many, I fell for the bright colors Maybelline and Cover Girl advertise. The big, chunky wands and packaging. The fun names of the different products. None of that matters – especially the commercials that clearly show the model wearing fake lashes. Does anyone really believe the mascara does that anyway?!...more

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Oh, You Sexy Mother!

On a recent visit with my mom she vented her frustration over how thin her lips look. She said she felt like they were getting thinner by the year and nothing seemed to help. Poor mom! Our lips do lose collagen as we age but I knew where help could be found! I reached into my makeup bag for my go-to lip gloss....more
I'm glad you got a chuckle out of this one! Thanks for letting me know :)more

Holy Crap Is That What I Look Like?

Awesome, caught a glance of myself in the mirror just now. I look a hundred and fifty years old. I’ve aged, a lot, it’s bad. (I didn’t throw up though, good sign.)Then I realized I’m still sexy, funny and adorable. Just like the rest of the broads around here.I may be single, but I’m surrounded by fun and awesome people. We have a great time, I hope you have good friends in your life.xo Visit me at:

Herbs for radiant skin and healthy hair

 If your hair and skin has lost its usual lustre and shine, chances are you’re body is not obtaining the required nutrients from your diet....more

12 Outfits | 9 Pieces #1

Today I'm sharing a new series on my blog. I've created 12 outfits out of just 9 different tops/bottoms. I absolutely LOVE the outfits I've come up with and have been wearing them on a regular basis after creating the outfits....more

5 Winter Hair & Beauty Must Haves

Winter months wreaking havoc on your skin and hair? These five beauty and hair must haves can prevent your winter dryness blues. The winter months are not kind to those of us with dry skin or eczema. There are quite a few items that help my hair and skin in tip top shape and I shared my top five must haves on Grow It Girl. Having skin dry enough to resemble an alligator is not fun , especially when you have crazy kids like I do. ...more