Dump the False Eyelashes! Use It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara Instead

Incredibly gorgeous, incredibly long eyelashes from just one stroke of It Cosmetics Superhero mascara will save the day....and date night too.-PJ Gach...more

Denim On Denim Outfit * Stylo 235

This denim on denim outfit is definitely casual but because of the elements I added to it, it is also chic and edgy.I am a huge fan of denim shirts, and I think that one of the best ways to wear one is by pairing it with jeans, whether you add heels or flats to it.The good thing about this type of outfits is that you don't have to break your head trying to pull it together, because you could look effortlessly chic by just adding cute accessories and perhaps a pop of color, like I did....more

Preppy Edgy * Stylo 234

A preppy edgy style is a combination of preppy and edgy garments worn all in one outfit.I decided to wear this white cropped button up shirt paired with flare jeans and a colorful confetti cardi, creating this preppy, but at the same time edgy look.I added edgy accessories like the diamond ear cuffs I am wearing, and also created an eye-catching makeup by incorporating such an edgy lip color like Heroine from MAC Cosmetics (one of my favorites!)....more

I'm Feisty For My Age

Everyone has that moment, I think, where you suddenly see your reflection in another person’s eyes, and it is an unwelcome reality check....more

White And Blue * Stylo 233

White and blue could make a great Spring/Summer outfit combo and on top of that, it is super easy to pull together.This combination could create pretty casual outfits with a touch of chicness and elegance.I chose to add colorful accessories, like the shoes, the jewelry and the lipstick, which makes the outfit pop even more, making it look fun and fashion.The outfit also favors curvy girls like me, or even girls with no curves at all, because the peplum top paired with skinnies creates the illusion of a smaller and more defined waist....more

Immersive Cherry Tree ≈ L'immersion dans le cerisier {Paris Street Photo}

 The inflorescence of the cherry blossoms is in progressto speed it up,you can add layers of petals, green leaves, black branches, blue, cerulean sky and white cloudsjust by standing under the tree and gazing at it from a certain perspective......more

Health and Beauty Tips from Outspoken TV Nurse, Karon Gibson RN CCM

Karon Gibson RN CCM TV Host of Outspoken with Karon RN...Trying to reduce bags under eyes?  Try VeniceMd DNA serum with plant caviar for a natural help.  Need a barrette that is sturdy, try Ponilox, Magic Opener helps with cans and other bottles to open easier. Outspoken talks with Penny Chelios abou Surripulation and Anastasia zappas about her hair artwork. Dr. Tony Koufos is a naturapath, reflexologist and iridologist in Plainfield Illinois Mary McFall is an RN, BSN , LE ...more

Four Health and Beauty Trends That Don’t Work… and One That Actually Does

Do you remember that scene in Steel Magnolias where the gorgeous Julia Roberts is wearing a hair mask made up of mayonnaise? ...more

All Black Outfit * Stylo 232

An all black outfit is always elegant, safe but also eye-catching. Whether you dress up or opt for a more casual look, an all black outfit will always make you stand out from the crowd if you choose the right garments and accessories.I created this look to run errands and to keep promoting my jewelry displays last saturday; as you can see, I am wearing one of my statement necklaces (currently available at My Closet) to add a pop of color....more