Maxi Fashion

When it comes to fashion, simple and comfortable is the best option. That doesn’t mean that the term “simple and comfortable” can’t be turned into something fashionable! Our two favorite clothing items during the summer are rompers and maxi dresses. These pieces of clothing have a nice flow to them that don’t make you feel unmovable, which their counterparts can do. Skip having to put together outfits because these items are fairly simple, all you have to do is just throw them on....more

Summer Beauty: Decoding the Drugstore

 Everyone wants to look good and feel good, especially in summer, but the cost and the time it takes to shop for the right beauty and personal care items can be overwhelming.What’s actually inside those products that we put in and on our bodies? What’s right for you? And what should a summer medicine cabinet makeover include?Sophie Uliano, New York Times bestselling author of the Gorgeously Green series, shares some great  shopping tips....more

Do You Know What Doesn't Need Fixing? You! It's Compliment Your Mirror Day

I usually don't talk to my reflection, which is sort of rude. I mean, I was always taught that it's not polite to stare, and it would certainly be creepy if I walked up to someone and just stood there, staring slack-mouth at them. But that's what I do all the time when it comes to my reflection. I just stand there, staring at the mirror, fussing with my hair. And you can sort of tell from my expression what I think of my reflection, especially when it's humid out and my hair is a mess. But you know what today is? Compliment Your Mirror Day. ...more

Simple Beauty: DIY Seaweed Scrub

When I was in Ireland, I treated myself to a seaweed body scrub at one of the bath houses I visited. It was an invigorating and inspiring treatment - I felt so good after that scrub; like my skin was glowing. I think about it often....more

Look Younger-It's Worth The Effort!

For some reason, I feel compelled to share my tips to look 10 years younger on a good day, 5 years younger on a bad day.  Is it easy?  HELL....more

Can Fashion Be Feminist?


Olympic Neon + The Vanity: TRIND.

If Jem (of Hologram fame) went dressed as an Olympic figure skater for Halloween, she would wear this dress. J.Lo totally wore this first (and better, truthfully, because homegirl’s body is crazy) on an episode of Idol, I believe. I had to have it because it was a) super affordable and b) super ridiculous. Also known as my fave fashion combo. Jem might call it outrageous, and I’d agree....more

Beauty Must-Haves

 One thing you'll soon learn about me is that I have a love for makeup and beauty products of any kind. It's a serious problem. The other serious problem is that I am seriously cheap! I'm not one to spend a lot willingly on myself, but every once in a while, I get a little crazy....more

Dressing Confidently

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