December Loves and Favorites

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

I’ve been having my eyebrows tattooed for years. I have to. Why? First, my eyebrows are rubbish because my complexion is so fair. Second, they're rubbish because I over plucked them in what I call the “Mariah years.” Mariah Carey plucked her thick, bold, eyebrows into skinny little rainbow arches to match her song and outfit, and everyone else in the 90’s did as well (including me). Third, my eyebrows are rubbish because they're thinning with age (unfortunately, the rest of me isn’t). ...more
I've seen amazing results...and not so amazing results, to put it nicely. I would definitely ...more

Simple & Natural Coconut Oil Face Wash

Coconut oil has become my new favorite beauty ingredient. I've been using it in my hair and skincare routines due to its ability to smooth my split ends, and soften and moisturize my skin. This DIY face wash recipe is perfect for saving money on those expensive store face washes, and a great alternative to face washes that contain many unnecessary and unnatural ingredients. ...more
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Blogging, Business and Life Goals for 2016

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8 Beauty and Style Holiday Favorites


The Only Nail Polish You Need For New Year's Eve

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that it is almost 2016. What should my goals be for the new year? How do these nonexistent goals fit into my unfinished 5-year plan? Why don't I have a flying car?...more

Champagne-Gold Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Can you tell that I'm excited about the holidays? Plummy lipstick? Check. Silver eyes? Check. Pearl and gold jewelry? Double check. There is nothing I love more than looking festive, but this look can also be easily worn throughout the year.Prepare yourselves, there is more of this to come, plus a variety of extras! Expect a tutorial on how I cut my hair at home, trending product reviews, and more from my DIY Beauty series....more
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What Makes You Vulnerable Makes You Beautiful

You can’t form a close relationship with someone unless you’re open and honest with your emotions and feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with other people. It’s important to let others in and trust the ones you love....more