Black Denim With Pink * Stylo 226

Black denim has always been a classic piece and a must have in your wardrobe. I have to admit that this is the first pair of black jeans I have owned in a long time.You could pair black denim with basically anything, because you could either dress it down or dress it up.I created this casual chic outfit this past weekend, because I honestly could not wait to wear every single piece of it!These beautiful strappy booties are part of a Christmas gift and the ultra feminine velour necklace was part of a Birthday gift from last year....more

Skin Care Tips for the Classy Woman

A beautiful, glowing skin is a valuable asset that every lady craves to have. Maybe not those photoshopped types that we see on magazine covers, but skins that are naturally groomed for an all-time beauty.Understanding your skin is the key to being beautiful. Knowing your skin nature will guide you to the best way to handle it, and the best kinds of treatments you need....more

Pink And White Outfit * Stylo 225

Pink and white is definitely a chic combination that could be worn not just in Spring and Summer, but in Winter as well. I chose to wear wide leg white pants paired with a pink tee and a white faux fur vest. I also added nude pumps and a metallic pink wallet. The tee along with the wallet are part of my birthday presents from last year, but this is the first time I wear them both. Totally in love with them. ♥...more

Rose Quartz Is The Color Of The Year

Rose Quartz is one of the colors of this year as announced by Pantone, as well as Serenity, which are not other tones than baby pink and pale blue. Fashion Week also revealed it when famous designers included these elegant and chic tones in their collections. Today I am going to concentrate in only rose quartz giving you some inspiration and great outfit ideas for this 2016. You can embrace the trend very easily, since this is a very simple color that looks at its best when paired with neutral colors like beige, tan, white, gray, brown and black....more

Obsessed with ombre nails

My first-ever nail art obsession: OPI’s Cherry Bomb ombre...more

Best Natural Facial Exfoliants

 If you have sensitive skin like me than finding anything to clean your face or skin in general can be tricky. One of the best ways to clean your face is to exfoliate. This will rid your skin of the toxins and get rid of old dry skin cells. Here are 3 natural exfoliants: Sugar...more

I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful

On Valentine’s Day, my family visited my 87-year-old grandmother. My five-year-old daughter wanted to dress up. She donned a dress with a sparkly heart top and a tutu skirt. She asked me to do her hair with the curling wand (she saw me using it earlier). Then she took my brush and put on some blush and some red (!) lipgloss. I also let her apply gold shimmer power on her eyelids. When she was all done, she twirled, her arms above her head, like a ballerina, to show daddy how beautiful she looked....more

A Simple, Everyday Eye Contour & Makeup Tutorial

This simple, everyday look is a blend of neutral tones for an easy eye contour, paired with a natural peachy pink lip. I use makeup and beauty basics in my daily makeup routine and this is my go-to look.  A quick and basic eye contour can make you look put together and wide awake. It's made to emphasize your natural beauty and still cover imperfections, all while being easy enough to do as quickly as possible while rushing out the door for work in the morning.Let's get started!...more
Thanks Bill Wolfe! :)more

Beauty review: primer products – eyes, lips, face, and Ultimate Ozone

I love makeup – so why am I nonplussed by the entire “primers” category?Is it just me, or is the word “primer” a bit off-putting when it comes to cosmetics?  The concept is clear – just like with wall paint, makeup primers prepare the surface and make stuff stick.  With walls, I love that concept, but for makeup, it somehow doesn’t connect with me....more

4 Ways to Pamper Yourself (And Why You Should)

Today I want to talk about some ways to pamper yourself. But more importantly, I want to talk about why you should pamper yourself. It's a topic that many of us probably ignore way too often. How often do you take an entire day for just you?...more
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