Let´s spring into Spring!

Spring might be still far away for some of you but maybe these photos will warm you up a bit? ...more

Clear Skin for Men and Women

Here at T2B, we truly believe in wonderful skin care treatments and products that keep us looking healthy and glowing. Each day your skin is subject to environmental pollutants, oil, sweat, and make up, that will clog your pores. These factors create unhealthy looking skin which should be addressed. Skin care is so important to us, we have tested out numerous products to find the ultimate cleansing brush for your face. Drum roll please…we present to you, The #1 Best Selling Cleansing Brush, Clarisonic. For Men and Women...more

Beauty // January Favorites & Haul

Now that we are 6 days into February, I guess its about time for me to share my January Beauty Haul & Favorites. I've discovered a handful of lovely makeup items over the last few months and these are the few that have claimed a proper place in my daily routine. ...more

Hot Sluts of the Victorian Age

Y’all, I saw an article on Burlesque Dancers of the late 19th Century and I was freaking captivated. I’ve often repeated on this blog, to the point it could be considered a mantra, that culture determines beauty and what is “beautiful” is then reverse engineered into what is considered “healthy” or the “optimum physiology”.  Well, the “loose women in tights” are perfect examples of this. Take a look at this woman: ...more

Beauty Tips and Diet Tips from a new Beauty Book ! plus....Valentine's Day 2014

ON SALE NOW !   "Beauty, Diet, and I Said What?"   AN AMAZON KINDLE EBOOK (click link below)   http://www.amazon.com/Live-Progress-Renee-Ashley-Baker-ebook/dp/B00I4DI4...   also...   RULES OF THE HOUSE IF--YOU WEAR IT...HANG IT UP. IF--YOU DROP IT...PICK IT UP. IF--YOU EAT OUT OF IT...WASH IT. IF--YOU SPILL IT...WIPE IT UP. IF--YOU TURN IT ON...TURN IT OFF....more

My January favorites!

I like to share today my favorite products from January! Products I loved and used a bunch! ...more

A Spa Day + A Beauty Giveaway.

Sometimes a girl just needs a spa day, am I right?Believe it or not, I had never had a facial before. I was your standard manicure/pedicure girl, with the occasional full body massage thrown in for special events. So when my friend Emily at Salon Bella & Boutique contacted me with the opportunity to get a facial with her, my interest was piqued....more

Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

*Canva.comGlimmer, glam and gleam seems to be the words to describe the styles of 2014 when it comes to makeup.  There are a lot of bold colors and even some not so common with the Spring colors up ahead.  Many colors and styles made waves in New York during Fashion Week for 2014 as well as the Golden Globes.  Yes, some may be a little over the top for you but I PROMISE you will find something you can work with....more

Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Katy Perry has added a new summery version of Killer Queen called Killer Queen Oh So Sheer. "A new essence of spontaneous and natural femininity....more