7 Best Tea Books To Make You An Expert

Let’s head back to basics today, as in tea basics. I’m writing this review of the seven best tea books that will make you a tea expert with two goals in mind: (1) to share what I’ve learned about tea and (2) to provide you with access to some of the best tea books all in one place. Then we can chat more about TEA!Today we dive into the world of tea books. Because before our beloved tea became a beverage, it was a leaf. With some basic knowledge of how tea is made under your belt– you will know more than most people. Who doesn’t yearn for that kind of expertise?!...more

Green Tea Coconut Milkshake

Green tea and coconut ice cream blended with milk to create a deliciously creamy beverage. With just three ingredients, this green tea coconut milkshake is simple to make and absolutely addictive. ...more

re-use / recycle home improvement project

 In honor of Earth Day,  I want to share one of my recent re-use projects.  A friend was getting rid of this oak chest for $25.00! My husband is a cabinet maker and I knew we couldn’t even get the wood for that amount, so I brought it home with hopes of him making it into a home bar /beverage area…….thankfully, I convinced him it was a good idea. Before…...more

A Lemony Loss For Words

I’m at a loss for words.It could be because my in-laws left yesterday and after a week of talking their ears off I don’t have much left to say.Or, it could be because J was up crying at 4:18am today and *nobody* in the house managed to get back to sleep. (I’m sooo tired.)...more

Berry Blast Nimbu Pani ~ How India Quenches It's Thirst

Translation: Lemon Water. Pronunciation: Nim-boo Paw-nee. Verdict: Poppy and Refreshing....more
I agree with you 'Don't drink the water- Ever'. I carry a bottle of water with me all the time ...more

Citrus Mint Julep

[Editor's Note: Though the Kentucky Derby has raced on by this year, there's no rule that there have to be horses on the track to enjoy this refreshing twist on a traditional cocktail. This variation looks particularly delicious! --Genie]...more

sparkling lime lemonade

sparkling lime lemonade  Lemonade in November? I'm for it. Fresh squeezed, tart, sparkling lime lemonade? PLEASE! ...more

"Anytime is Good" Sangria


I had a Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend this weekend that I thought would make a nice sangria. ...more


A woman came into the galley after our beverage service. She gave us her coffee cup to fill up with hot water. She said she was asleep when we came through which we told her it was fine. We filled it up, gave it back to her, and she dumped in her coffee travel pack in there. She then puts the top back on, and then shakes the cup up and down. Not twirl it around lightly, but literally shaking it up and down to mix the coffee up. So of course, the coffee squirts out of the drinking hole and is now all over the counter, floors, and herself....more