Raising Bilingual Children?

After I gave birth, my husband, Jeremy, and I decided that he'd speak to our son in English and I'd communicate with him in Turkish. It wasn't a formal agreement, really. It's not like we sat down around the dining room table and said, we should do this. We didn't conduct an extensive research about being bilingual. We didn't set strict rules. It sort of happened. It just made sense that if our child was going to be exposed to two different cultures, he would learn to speak in two different languages. ...more

Bilingual at three? ¡Si, señor!

"¡Mira mami! Look!" I yell out as we walked along the gravel path near grandma and grandpa's house. "¿Qué mi lindo? ¿qué es?" She says as she stops walking and looks over to where I am standing. "Mira, arriba. Es un butterfly...mariposa" I say watching it float away to rest on a leaf. ...more

The French language test / L'épreuve de la langue française

Using French on my blog and on my site has had an interesting unintended consequence. En utilisant le français sur mon blog et sur ​​mon site, j'ai non seulement accompli ce que j'avais l'intention d'accomplir, mais il y a eu une autre conséquence aussi....more

How My Bilingual Daughter Helped Her Kindergarten Classmate

Something pretty amazing has been happening the last couple of days with Vanessa in her Kindergarten class. When I informed her teacher that Vanessa is bilingual, she told me there were two kids in her classroom who also spoke Spanish, but are not bilingual yet and so they are attending ESL classes. I wanted to ask who they were and if I could meet their parents, but I figured I'd just let that happen kind of organically figuring there'd be plenty of opportunities for this. ...more
¡Que linda historia paisana! Soy peruana y mis hijos son también Tri-lingues vivimos en Rep. ...more

Toddler-talk and the Bilingual Child!

 Milo, my little bilingual boy! ...more

bilingual kids

Since I'm native Norwegian, Leighton and I decided when I was pregnant that ...more

My new site

I have a new website...well, actually it's my same site but in a new language: French. You can enter the new site here, and my homepage and blog now feature the language-changing flags I've envied for so long on other sites.  This is a project I've been working on for quite some time, and, while there were a few technical roadblocks impeding progress, most of the difficulties on the way to being professionally bilingual had nothing to do with HTML, CSS, or anything related to computers and the Internet....more

Being bilingual delays Alzheimer's symptoms by as many as 5 years

Here's more proof that "use it or lose it" applies to our brains....more

Raising a baby in a bilingual home

Jon and I have a bilingual family.  I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.  Jon grew up in the U.S. ...more