I just invented a new game: FACEBOOK BINGO

I win almost every day. Anyone else want to play? ...more
Denise haha! YAY! :) I almost won today.more

Parenting Bingo: Toddler Edition

Thank goodness for Doctor Google, or Dr. G as I like to call him. On Friday, Jack came down with a 103 degree fever, which of course sent me to google and Facebook to see if I should start sounding the mommy alarm. Apparently 103 degrees isn’t quite as horrifying as I had thought, so I calmed down a bit and kept a close eye on the little guy. His fever didn’t return on Sunday, so I figured we were in the clear…...more

Valentine's Day BINGO

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a themed BINGO game!...more

Lessons Learned from Bingo

I survived chairing my first middle school event, a Family Fun Night with bingo and raffle prizes. It turned out beautifully, but I learned a thing or two.* People take their Bingo seriously... who knew? I didn't. My husband was the designated, notice he did not volunteer but was designated, bingo caller. On one occasion, he messed up. I thought half the people attending were going to take him out....more
Michelle, I'm guessing apples don't equate to licorice. ;-)more

And the winner is..... the bingo wildebeest!

So, as you already know, I arrived in Leeds on Christmas Eve to be greeted by cocktails dahlink. But don't be fooled by the thin southern-type veneer that my host was trying to lay on. She was still from 'oop north, and I knew that if I didn't go native, I would inevitably become prey. It's dog eat southern dog 'oop north. ...more


Oh, I nearly forgot! Whilst I was in Leeds a few weeks ago, I had a night out at a Bingo Hall with Sarah and her friends. Yes. A Bingo Hall. What, with bingo being a sacrilegious pastime for most Northern folk, it would have been wrong not to go native. So that is what I bally well did. But before I get lynched by an angry mob of Northerners for calling bingo 'Northern', here is an interesting fact: ...more