our adoption option: happy valentine's day to her

i meant to post this on actual valentines day, but we've had a super busy last 10 days or so with travel, family, and work so here it is now and we can all just accept it. :)...more

Adoption From the Perspective of a Birth Mom

I read a lot of blogs and websites about adoption. I want to be as educated as possible about adoption so I can be the best parent possible when we are matched. I read an interesting post today on America Adopts! It's written by and from the perspective of a birth mother.Have a read: Birth Mothers Are People Too...more
As a birth mother, I share some of her thoughts. I was explaining to some of my ...more

Parenting After Adoption Loss: Things I Won't Say

After my first parented son was born, my Grandma called to check on us. I talked about how exhausted I was and how I just wanted to sleep but, oh, he was so very perfect. She quipped, "So you're gonna keep him then?" My breath caught in my throat. ...more

Letter to an Adoptee

<span style="font-style:italic;">When I worked as an adoption Social Worker, I typically wrote a letter similar to this to each child after they went home with their adoptive parents. My purpose in doing so was two fold 1) to share my experience with their birth parents and how they came to chose adoption and to let they know how much they were loved 2) to share Jesus with them. I gave a copy to the adoptive parents to share one day in the future if they chose to and I placed a copy in their adoptive file to be found should they ever seek information in the future....more