Hoo boy. I'm turning 40 in 4 days!

It's true. This Saturday I officially take my first step onto... The Hill! My kids are insanely excited and have been secretly plotting things all week, sneaking around the house, making something in the home office, etc. Yesterday they even interviewed me and asked me about my favorite movie, video game, TV show, Muppet, book, etc. I have no clue what they're planning, but it should be good.I'm not too worried about the age thing actually. In fact, I've never been happier or more comfortable with just about every facet of my life, as I am right now. ...more
Hahaha! I'm sure it will be a wonderful surprise!  And may you open your presents to discover ...more

My Birthday Blessing

Oh Lord! I don't even know where to start. I just brought in my birthday in worship and it was something! God's presence is always so new, no matter how long we live. I'm officially 24 years old and me at this age, is nothing like I thought it would be, or how I imagined it as a kid. I was supposed to be grown and rich by now. I got the grown part, but the rich... not so much....more

My 90th Birthday Party

My 90th birthday was coming up in a month......and no one had mentioned doing anything to celebrate, so I decided to give myself a birthday party.  Nothing big, mind you, just a couple of old friends…at my age there aren’t many of us left…..and a couple of younger friends who had been good to me over the years....more
 @Grace Kull I am looking forward to celebrating my mother's 90th birthday party next April  ...more

Shake that Cake Shake

   I decided to try something a little different for my brothers birthday gift. Rather than making a cake, I opted for an edgier and easier route- a cake shake. This simple idea was created with no baking, using a bunch of ho-ho's, some homemade whipped cream, and melted fudge. I threw it all in a mason jar with a spoon to eat. yum! to view this entire tutorial, click below. ...more

Today I Forgot that it was HIS Birthday; I Really Have Moved On!

Women are especially good at remembering those important personal celebration moments in the lives of the people around us.   We usually take charge of remembering the birthdays and anniversaries of not only our side of the family, but his as well, once you’re married.Fess up.  How many of you would remember his mother's birthday, or his parent's anniversary but he never could?...more

Today is World Water Day

Today is World Water Day, when we stop to recognize that nearly one billion people on our planet still live without access to life's most basic need: clean, safe drinking water; that’s one in eight of us. Image: Esther Havens via charity: water ...more
 @Elisa Camahort  @charitywater  Hah. I was thinking about donating again for Johnny Mac ...more

My birthday wish: to embrace, enjoy the here-and-now

As you may already know, I celebrated a birthday this week. It was a wonderful birthday, and the highlight had to be when my husband and oldest son (3 ½) presented me with a cake and card. My son was so excited, although I think it had less to do with me and more to do with the cake itself, which came complete with Oreo cookies on top, his favorite....more
Oh good good thoughts.  My little boy who is two and a half is very into birthdays.  He sings ...more

Happy 3rd birthday Alexis!

At 6:52pm on a cold grey day in March 2009, my beautiful baby girl, Alexis, shone a light onto the world as she was released from my kangaroo pouch, and I heard her cry the most beautiful song I've ever heard....more
Thanks Victoria! more

Unicorn Birthdays Come But Once A Year

Hannah! LOVE this post. So full of information, fun and whimsy. Set me straight on the Hydrox vs ...more

Another Birthday

Today, we celebrated another birthday as our oldest daughter turned fourteen.  Gosh, we’re getting old(er)!  As is tradition, we gathered around the dining room table, dimmed the lights, and sang the birthday song.  Burning candles were extinguished, pictures were taken, jokes were told, and cake and ice cream were dished out to everyone who wanted some.  I passed for the time being, but made no promises to lay off the cake on a long-term basis....more