20 Beautiful Years!

The Princess is 20 years old today!  It's true what they say about time flying.  One day she was a tiny little baby, and I was a scared new mom without a clue.  Today she is an amazing young woman with a baby of her very own!   ...more

Champagne Wishes and Birthday Dreams; Why Turning 26 Changed My Life

Song of the DaySatellite of Love by Lou Reed. Because Glam Rock will never die as long as I'm alive....more

30DOC, Day 26

How convenient! Today is my friend Heather's birthday, which works out rather nicely for me considering today's 30 Days of Creativity prompt. This one's for you, Heather (even though I know how you feel about trash crafts)! June 26, 2012 prompt: BIRTHDAY - Candles, cakes, gifts... (unless it's your 21st, in which case you don't remember any of that.) ...more

27 and Counting

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to my baby.  My sweet, beautiful and talented daughter.   ...more

Revenge on a Parent by Way of Birthday Gift for Kid

If you give my son a gift like this on his birthday he will think you are a...ROCK STAR PARENT!I will be asking myself what the heck I ever did to you to deserve you giving my son this "evil doing" machine.Don't make me mad, or else I will be buying one for your kid this Christmas!...more

Pump Yourself Up

Yes, we know it’s a giant petri dish, Pump It Up. They have one in almost every city. Maybe it goes by a different name in yours. There are HUGE, inflatable slides and obstacle courses. It’s fun, but the pain that comes with it is as bad as paint ball. The bruises still create mounds and welts, black, red and blue to match the décor. ...more


Dear Max,If I were to say I never thought this day would come, it would not sound the way I wanted it to. I never thought anything awful would happen and you would never turn ten, but I guess I just never thought ahead to what would inevitably happen....more

The After

Today is the after day of my wonderful birthday and it was an awesome birth"day".  The morning started with tons of Facebook birthday wishes and a card from The Hubby.  A bit of work at the office and then I was off to go with B to her doctor appointment.  Listening to the heartbeat of our little granddaughter was my birthday present from B and I couldn't have been more thrilled.  That was a quick visit and then home to wait for Sis.  We were going to have lunch....more
Happy Belated Birthday!more

My Golden Year

According to They Hubby today I have hit My Golden Year today.  I was born, 56 years ago today, so that means my birth year was 1956.  I wonder what that means exactly, and I have no idea, but It find it interesting. It is going to be a bit of a busy birthday day week.  Last night we kicked off the celebration but eating fish tacos at Full Moon Cafe.  I love those things....more